• Mobilecrane4

    @Great Killa OE

    I found your argument very entertaining. However, the rf is still better than the ste. I will give you many facts on why rf is better. If you don’t believe anything I have here, then test it out and see for yourself. From the looks of it, you tested out these weapons with just wooden armour no mods.

    Also I don't know why you tested out the weapons with two different headshots multipliers. Rf and ste only have a 1.3 multiplier.

    So, rf is a 9 head and 12 body, NOT a 14 body (only 14 body when there is no wear, but it would then make headshots a 10)

    Ste is a 7 head and 10 body, NOT a 11 body (only 14 body when there is no wear, but it would then make headshots a 8)

    I am going to test out these weapons with no mods no wear, no mods …

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  • Somedude2929

    I rickrolled myself

    August 8, 2020 by Somedude2929

    I rickrolled myself, its kinda sad. I clicked the rickroll link without knowing it was the link to the rickroll :(

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  • Yo,whatsup lol.

    Tell me why is everyone using the discussion posts instead of blogs now?

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  • PixelStreamxX9

    In pixel gun 3D, there are a lot of good guns like the ultimatum but then you’ve got guns that shouldn’t even be in the game judging how bad they are like the flaming volcano.This article will recommend you not to use the following 10 guns listed below and number 1 is the worst.

    -10.instigator, this used to be an overpowered heavy gun but it has been humongous lay nerfed loving it to be one of the worst mythical weapons ever even the toxic bane is better than this

    -9.lancelot, this is a disappointing gun.It is a clan gun and it is a primary gun but the thing is this has very delayed bullet travel time it is a burst gun and it only has a few bullets in it.

    8.harpy.Yet another disappointing gun, this is pistol in the magic season of the battle …

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  • Dpoopoop

    Here are the best guns you can buy with just some coins, or are easy to get. You don't have to wait for specific Trader's Van events or get lucky with set events.

    Continue this page, editors!

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  • Anti Rex 3000 YT


    August 21, 2020 by Anti Rex 3000 YT

    I Am Anti Rex 3000 The Dinosaur Shark. I Have Came From Space And Crashed On Planet And Survived For So Much Years. I've Survived The Asteroid From Space And I Am The Only Dinosaur That Lives Today. But I Also Fused With Shark DNA To Look Like A Dinosaur Shark. I Am Quite Strong And Powerful, And R.I.P My Dino Friends Are Now Fossils. So Nice To Meet Ya People Who I Know Here.

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  • Luckysnipr

    Drop rate are as follows, you get about: 20 parts per small chest 30 parts for king 90 parts for mega Entire weapon or gems or coins for event

    Its base factor in each chest actually varies from 8-12.5, and most commonly a factor of 9 parts

    So using the average (most common) you could say that your getting more parts (but less weapons?/ weapons are found in all chests) and consistent with its cost less keycards in small chests per gem 💎

    X2= 18 for 30 gems /25 keycards

    X3= 27 for 80 gems /75 keycards

    X10=81 for 220 gems /250 keycards

    Using small chests you will yield more exact and consistent parts you need, each weapon will require the same number of missing parts to craft, and you will receive parts at the same time as keycards to unlock even…

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  • The Pie Overlord

    Everyone gets it, sometimes its a lag spike or you could just be getting continuous lag. For me, I usually always get lag with my weak 14gb tablet that can't handle much. On this blog, I will be telling you how to reduce lag off your device.

    Sometimes apps can run in the background slowing down your device make sure to find the settings to change it and make it so they can't run in the background (unless it's a texting app, you want to get messages from that)

    Or you may have too many apps on your device taking up space and lagging your game, make sure to uninstall unnecessary apps.

    Your game might be set to 60fps, which is good if you have a good device. But if your device is not to strong make sure to turn down the fps to 30.

    Turn your in game…

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  • REEImanormie

    Goodbye pg3d :(

    August 5, 2020 by REEImanormie

    I am leaving pg3d cause the community is toxic, the new update, and no armor matches ruined.

    No one probably gives a crap cause im not popular but okay

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