• REEImanormie

    As you all know, Project "Marlin" is similar to Morgana. They both are op. But I will rate how good the snipers are at 3 cat and Sniper Forts. So, let's get started.

    Image from JustSpawn's video press video

    For 3 cat, Wall Break is kind of useless in a no armor game. Ricochet weapons can hit multiple people, just flinging off the walls. Project "Marlin" has a capacity of 8, and a fire rate of 74, and is a one-shot with probably level 8 mods against golden division armor. Morgana has a capacity of 6, a fire rate of 67, and is a one-shot with probably level 5 mods. So Project "Marlin" has a higher DPS. Project "Marlin" has a mobility of 50 and Morgana has a mobility of 65.

    For Sniper Forts, Project "Marlin" has a higher capacity than Morgana. P…

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  • LDR NooBPlayz

    dont question me

    June 27, 2020 by LDR NooBPlayz

    i enjoy certain weapons that are good but are underrated or ilie their design

    e.g. i love the krampus set so much that i got ice chaser and am about to get sneaky pistol. however imo coal frightner is mediocre so im not getting that

    so im getting the underrated pirmary laser assistant even tho i use the typica meta loadout

    ik im weird

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  • Einarly

    I opened my first clan chests, the ones I got was 100 for gem power, 100 for Galahad And 100 for luxury beats, and lastly 125 to my dream sniper rifle sniper dude!

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  • Maxo6453

    Battle Royale is very difficult, sometimes it is hard to find good weapons or a medkit when you need one. These are my tips for winning at it.(Keep in mind this is only opinion)

    Weapons Here is my list of good battle royale weapons, listed from best to worst. These weapons can be seperated into automatic, sniper, close range, and other.


    Psionic Sporethrower 9.25/10 It is semi auto but with a fire rate and ammo strorage just as good as the night hunter and it has the same sniperlike accuracy soreccomended at all ranges.Has charm and a decent poison plus an overall high dps.

    Night Hunter 8.80/10 It is a Psionic Sporethrower with no charm/poison and slightly higher capacity/fire rate. There is nothing else to be said.

    Impulse Minigun 7.5/…

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  • Levelsjack

    um whats happening

    June 15, 2020 by Levelsjack

    yea ok.

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  • Yo,whatsup lol.

    What's this?!!

    June 17, 2020 by Yo,whatsup lol.

    Hello.bye I'm just simple ngl,So pls this is just a blog,there is nothing to do here.there is no tutorial,there is just you and me in this blog,there is nothing here,get out.or maybe you just want to here me spitting my random words,no,I'm gonna make you stay here without anything to do at all

    K bye.

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  • Jerry the Moose


    June 25, 2020 by Jerry the Moose

    Memes are evr changing my friends. They come and go. They die or of course stayand be recongized. That is why memes should always be apreaciated.

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  • Einarly

    I’m epic gamer

    June 17, 2020 by Einarly

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  • Benellim4super90


    June 27, 2020 by Benellim4super90

    First blog post

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  • Morgana No.1

    Anyone have questions about cat spamming?

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