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Bloggers Arena is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 21.5.0 update. It takes place in a battle arena livestreaming on the internet.


The map takes place in somewhat symmetrical battle arena. The map is surrounded by a blue and red barrier to prevent players from escaping. Outside of the arena, there are a number of bleachers with onlookers. In front of them, there are advertisements promoting the various avatars featured in the season.

Each team spawns behind tall walls at the the very back of their respective sides. In the middle of each side, there is a small structure that can be entered or can be climbed on. In the middle of the map, there is a watchtower that can be entered by rocket jumping or by using the trampoline underneath that will spawn occasionally. In the middle, there are also a set of shipping crates on one side, and a killhouse on the other featuring different targets.


  • Due to the small and cramped layout of the map, short ranged weapons such as shotguns and flamethrowers are highly deadly.
  • Try to maintain the high ground at the middle of the map and fire down upon enemies attempting to pass by.
  • The tower can provide a place to snipe from, however it is very open and can leave players vulnerable.
  • Stand on top of the walls to gain a good sight of the battlefield.
  • Avoid hanging out in the open and keep moving.
  • The map features various pieces of cover that will occasionally glitch in and out of existence from time to time. While they still act as physical objects to the player that obstruct movement, weapon shots will be able to pass through unphased and damage the player(s) behind it. So, be careful when you're behind a piece of cover that is glitched out!


  • This map's layout is heavily based on Killhouse from the Call of Duty franchise.
  • An announcer can be heard giving general commentary on what is going on in the arena, however he does not actually comment on any of the players' performance.
  • The judges in the map are wearing avatars in the game, the avatars they wear are the Community Manager avatar, the NOOB avatar, and the Ghost of Weapon Designer avatar.
    • The Ghost of Weapon Designer judge also can be seen playing the Festive Guitar.
    • The Community manger can sometimes be seen holding a sign that says BAN in big bold red letters.


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