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The Blot Axe is a Melee weapon introduced in the 21.4.0 update.


The Blot Axe is a Mythical grade Melee weapon that is purple-colored with some red for the eyes and teeth of the creature. It has very high damage, a good fire rate, great mobility, and is currently tied with the Heroic Epee for the strongest Healing attribute.


It appears to be a large chicken or parrot-like creature with a big purple beak attached to the player's arm. It has red eyes and teeth, but the beak is a light purple. It also has a lowered brow and a red mischievous smile. Its design resembles the Goo Substance Scythe.


This weapon, when swung, will damage players in a small radius in front of it, giving them a Random Effect RandomEffect.png as part of its attributes (Poisoning Poison.png, Burning Burning.png, or Bleeding Bleeding.png) In addition, while held, the Blot Axe will passively heal Healing.png the player (12 points of Health Heart new.png healed per tick of healing) which regenerates 100 health in approximately 8 seconds.

Whenever the Blot Axe is switched to, a short Fixed Delay animation will play lasting around half a second before the user can fire.


With its 85 mobility and Healing attribute, this weapon should be used like the Heroic Epee; to either heal or rapidly ambush players. Be aware of its fixed delay.


  • Use the high mobility to escape from dangerous situations or maneuver swiftly.
  • Use this for close range fights.
  • Deal headshots to take out enemies faster.
  • If you are damaged, stay back and use this weapon to regenerate your health.
  • Use the Blot Axe for Clan Raids, in which staying alive is vital.
  • Hit an enemy and let the effect chip away at them whilst healing yourself after you get out of view of your enemy.
  • Use this the way you would use the Goo Substance Scythe, as this weapon performs somewhat similar to the Goo Substance Scythe, just with lower damage, higher attack speed, and different attributes.


  • Long-ranged weapons such as Snipers can safely defeat users of this weapon.
  • Rocket Jump away from users to get out of the Blot Axe's range.
  • If you see someone who you know is using this weapon, go up close to them and take advantage of this weapon's fixed delay. You can get in an extra swing or shot maybe making the difference between life and death.
  • Use the Jetpack to pick off users from above.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Since the Blot Axe is a weapon for close ranges, pair this with a Sniper for longer ranges. In addition, equip powerful modules such as Alloy to increase the weapon's overall performance. Pairing melees like the Blot Axe with the Berserk Boots is recommended to help increase mobility.



  • Initial Release.
  • Its damage was increased by 20%.


  • This weapon's healing is just as strong as the Heroic Epee.
  • It appears similar in design to the Goo Substance Scythe.
  • It could be a reference to Jafar's parrot Iago from the 1992 film Aladdin.
    • This weapon's attack sound is similar to the sound of Iago from Aladdin.
    • This weapon would be considered a biological weapon due to it having biological components.

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