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The Blot Shotgun is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.4.0 update.


The Blot Shotgun is a Primary shotgun Shotgun.png of the Mythical grade obtainable from the Trader's Van for Gems Gem.png. It appears mostly purple except for some yellow for the 'eyes' and the inside of the barrel of the weapon. It has a good fire rate for a shotgun, decent damage, low capacity, and low mobility.


It appears to be a mass of purple ink attached to the player's hand. The muzzle of the gun is shaped as an alligator with two eyes, and there is a scary face near the back of the weapon. There is also a singular eye atop the weapon. This weapon shares similarities of PGA-01 Living Rifle, having the purple body and the eyes.


When the fire button is pressed, this shotgun Shotgun.png will shoot several purple pellets that damage and slow down enemies that come in contact with them. Moreover, it possess the Lifesteal Lifesteal.png Attribute, meaning the user will regenerate his/her health Heart new.png every time its pellets inflict damage upon an enemy. In addition, whenever shooting, the Blot Shotgun emits a small cloud of ink. When reloading, the player will open a bottle of ink and toss it into the maw of the weapon.

This weapon has the Fixed Delay trait, indicating that every time a player switches to this weapon, a short pull-out animation will play lasting around half a second before the user can fire.



  • Like any shotgun, it is best to use this weapon at close range.
  • The weapon excels at close quarters combat, making it an effective weapon in tight hallways or spaces.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • This can be used as an effective means in defending against melee users. Fire while aiming center mass or the head while backpedaling.
  • Try flanking around enemies while firing at them from their blindspots, this is effective in close quarters maps such as Pool Party.
  • Use the SlowsDownTarget.png to counter mobile enemies and rocket jumpers.
  • Since this weapon has Lifesteal for a shotgun, the less distance you put between yourself and the enemy, the more health you will recover.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage weapons and shotguns make quick work of users.
  • Strafe while jumping to avoid getting hit.
  • Try wasting the ammo of the user, leaving them vulnerable from an attack when they are reloading.
  • Flank around the user then use a melee weapon to deal quick damage and then pull back.
  • It is deadly to attack head-to-head against users at close range. Instead, try flanking around the user and attack them from their sides.
  • Use gadgets such as the Reflector or Denied! to make users less interested in killing you.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This can be used as a general purpose Primary weapon for finishing off opponents.



  • Initial Release.


  • it returned in the traders van.



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