The Blue Space Alien is an enemy in the Space Station level in the Crossed Worlds campaign. It looks like a more advanced version of the Alien in Area 52.


Their big eyes are dark blue, and each Alien carries a different weapon along with a different colored suit.

They wield the Alien Gun. It has a blue suit. There are three blue bolts sticking from the side of the helmet, and there is a blue pouch on the chest with blue gloves and blue knee covers. They also wear Jetpacks.


Blue Aliens will move towards you. And if they got into a close range, they attack by shooting their Alien Guns.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 0.5-1 Heart new 4 Heart new Fast
Medium 0.5-1.5 Heart new 6 Heart new Fast
Hard 1-2 Heart new 7 Heart new Fast


  • Try to snipe them from afar as they don't have a long attack range.
  • Do not stand in one place for too long as they can easily hit you with their guns.


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