The Blue Zombie is similar to the Injured Zombie but with blue skin, brown pants, less bodily damage, and a green shirt. It is a common enemy in Village and Sky Islands.


A blue zombie that has the same colored skin as Infected Hazmat (if you don't count the hazmat suit as skin) and wears a green outfit and light brown pants. It has a pair of solid red eyes and a wide open mouth, similar to the Injured Zombie.


It will act exactly like the Injured Zombie, walking towards you with moderate maneuvering skills. Use this to your advantage and delay it behind a cactus or an rock.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 2 Heart new 5 Heart new Moderate
Medium 2 Heart new 10 Heart new Moderate
Hard 3 Heart new 15 Heart new Moderate


  • It's the third enemy to have blue in its name.
  • It seems like a block world variant of Injured Zombie.
  • For an unknown reason, it does not have ragged clothes like the Injured Zombie.
  • In the 7.1.1 update and before, It looked very similar to the Zombie from Minecraft.
  • This zombie is probably a villager in the Village before he got infected.
  • They had to change it because of Mojang's Minecraft and copyright issues.


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