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The Bomber Cat is a Heavy weapon added in the 21.1.0 update.


The Bomber Cat replaces your right arm. The magazine is located at your shoulder, which is a capsule with 3 cats(black, orange and grey) in it. The barrel which replaces your hand, resembles a mix between the Smart Bullet Bazooka and a cat. It is mostly colored white and pink, and the number '03' is written on the arm.


It seems to look like a cat version of the Proton Freezer. But unlike the Proton Freezer, the gun wraps around your arm like the Goo Substance Scythe. It seems like a cybernetic module, and it is mostly pink and white.


When shot, the Bomber Cat shoots a pink projectile(presumed to be hairballs, as the cats are alive) which explodes into a pink explosion upon impact, dealing moderate damage and heavily slowing the enemies caught in the radius.

When reloading, 3 cat heads hop into the hole in the forearm, and appears back in the capsule.



•The Bomber Cat is cat spammable. Use it to your advantage.

•This weapon slows the enemies heavily. Hit the enemies with this weapon first, then quickly finish them off with a powerful shotgun.

•This weapon is rocket jumpable.


•Since this weapon slows you, use a grappling weapon to escape.

•If you find someone spamming this weapon, use a set with the "ignore slowness" effect to escape.

•This weapon has a very fast fire rate(for a heavy), and can 1 shot up to Epic armor. Beware of it at all times.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups



  • Initial release.


  • Fixed delay has been removed


  • This weapon appeared as the Proton Freezer for IOS users who didn’t update their game yet.


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