The Bow Soul Card is a Sniper weapon released in the 17.6.0 update.


The Bow Soul Card is a charge sniper weapon that performs identically like the Dragon Bite. It has a slow fire rate since it is a charge weapon, and a low mobility. It also has wall break shots which means you can kill your opponent while shooting through walls.


In Weapon Slot

It appears to be a dark gray face with teal eyes that have tears coming out of them. It wears a white Tiara/Crown with a gray spike covered in teal stripes, with a gold outline and a blue gem underneath. The face also has teal braids of hair with gold hairbands.

When Held

The face is partially visible to the player when using the weapon. The player holds a black card with blue designs as well.


The Bow Soul Card performs identically to the Dragon bite, serving as a secondhand choice to the Dragon Bite, or vice versa. It has the wall break attribute, and the slow down effect. It can 1 bodyshot with good modules, but only at full charge.



  • Charge this up similary to Dragon Bite with no ricochet, with additional wall break and slow down.
  • Try to avoid charging up where enemies are present, as the charge up time is 3 seconds, making you vulnerable to enemy fire.
  • Try to avoid escaping battles or traversing maps with this weapon, as it mobility is quite low.
  • The SlowsDownTarget attribute can be useful for preventing enemies from escaping if they get shot by this weapon.
  • Use this weapon with the Oracle module combination to surprise-attack unaware opponents.


  • Since the Dragon Bite is Superior in damage, us it as a counter.
  • Use a scoped sniper to outclass its users from afar. Due to this weapon being a bow without a scope, most users are unable to hit their shots from a distance
  • Finish them off with another one shot scoped sniper before they finish you off

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a long range primary weapon, close range heavy weapon, medium range special and long range back up.


17.6.0 - Initial release.


  • It is the third bow type sniper with the Charge attribute to be introduced after the Professional Bow and Dragon Bite.
  • It is one of the three "soul card" weapons, with the others being the Lance Soul Card and the Sword Soul Card.
    • They are part of the Arcane Summoner Event Set, which explains enough to this small category of weapons.
  • The weapons shape can be shrunk as seen in the armoury
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