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Brawl is a gamemode feature introduced in the 15.4.0 update. The mode alters the rules of certain maps ingame, such as altering the jump height, movement speed, or loadouts for each player. The rules will change every so often. This game mode feature is unlocked once a player reached 250 tags in the Trophy Road however with the removal of this feature, anyone can access brawls at anytime.

There are no brawls for Co-op Survival, Raids, Fort Siege or any of the Mini-Games. There are background storylines in Brawls. In the brawl you do not lose trophies as a defeat penalty, and you can earn extra trophies for the Tournament.

After winning three Brawl battles, getting 20 kills/2000 points (for Fighter Chest) or getting 50 kills (to get Winner Chests after you win 2 Fighter Chests) (either consecutively or not) you would get craft parts of exclusive skins or guns. Now, you get Fighter Chests or Winner Chests for the chest events instead of playing battles to earn keys. Your progress would reset after a certain time so people cannot try to win the rewards again and again.

If you fail to win the Brawls, you will have fewer attempts to get the rewards until they run out. To make matchmaking in Brawls fair, guns with low efficiency go up to 24 efficiency.

Brawl types

Headings below are the only heading of Brawl types, not exact Brawls on exact maps. If you want to know exact names of every Brawl,look at the special tables under every type of Brawl.

Realistic Brawl

This Brawl has realistic mechanics in it, such as fall damage. Player's speed and jump height are heavily decreased. Only realistic weapons are available in this Brawl, like Hero or Brutal Headhunter. Weapons' damage is greatly increased, and even starter level 1 weapons are deadly for a player. There's also a respawn cooldown which is 10 seconds long. The only gadget allowed in this mode is the Frag Grenade and Molotov Cocktail. You can only use this once per life. Module combinations are disabled there.

Brawl tips

  • Strafe and dodge as much as possible, because all weapons have high damage in this mode.
  • Switch to high mobility weapon while running around the map.(Katana would be a great choice)
  • Don't try to Rocket Jump, because it will deal more damage to you, and since gravity is high and the jump height is low, it's extremely discouraged.

Brawl names and maps

Names Maps
Unknown Cargo Ship
Unknown Warehouse Assault
Unknown Arabian Dust
Unknown Destroyed Megalopolis

Gadgets Royale

This Brawl was added in 17.4.0 update. It's exclusive for the Battle Royale mode. This Brawl isn't very different from usual mode, but some differences still exist. Player's movement speed and jump height are reduced, and you'll take less damage from blasts, so area damage weapons like Grenade Launcher will be less effective.

Brawl tips

  • Try to start to move to safe zone earlier than in usual mode, because player's speed is decreased.
  • Don't try to jump over the small objects like fences, because player's jump height is too low.
  • Don't depend too much on area damage weapons like Military Grenade Launcher, because it will have lower damage.

Brawl names and maps

Names Maps
Gadgets Royale Battle Royale(Mainland)

Cyber Brawl

This is one of the most common Brawls to see. Player's speed and height of jump are greatly increased. You can only use cyber weapons like Ultimatum or Freon however, some of the weapons cannot one shot most of the time like Anti-Champion Rifle and Proton Freezer.

Brawl tips

  • If you're doing the Three Category Spam method or playing with a SingleShots.png weapon with a low firerate, you need to have very good aiming skills even for medium range, because of highly increased player's speed and jump height.
  • Use 85+ mobility weapons, because you will move insanely fast and it will be very hard to shoot you in this case.
  • A lot of Three Category Spam weapons are available in this Brawl, so you can perform this method of playing without any problems, but beware of delay.

Brawl names and maps

Names Maps
Cyber Hell Phobos 2 Station
Unknown Pirates!
Unknown Sky Islands
Unknown Alien Planet
Unknown Ice Palace
Unknown Phobos 2 Station

Weapons available


Cyber Machine Gun

Assault Shotgun


Automatic Peacemaker (PG3D)

Hellraiser (PG3D)

Crystal Laser Cannon

Future Rifle



Adamant Laser Cannon


Energy Assault Rifle

Plasma Minigun

Photon Shotgun

Minigun Cyber Module

Neutron Pulsator



Magic Brawl

This mode features many Magic-like weapons and gadgets. Players movement speed and jump height are at normal amount. Only magic weapons like Harpy or Cyclops Sling are allowed.

Brawl Tips

Old School Mode

This mode is a feature in private and public matches this is also a rare brawl to see. In this brawl players movement speed are slightly decreased but their jump height are greatly increased also rocket jumping is higher than usual and the movement mechanics are like in 16.1.0 which includes no delay to any weapons such as Exterminator, Thunderer, Reflector, Laser Bouncer, Anti-Champion Rifle, Anti-Hero Rifle Viking and Ultimatum.

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