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When the Super-mutant left that cistern, these slugs started crawling out of it as well. Everyone thought these were his little helpers, but they were bio-weapons created for the army of mutants.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Brutal Thinner is a Special weapon introduced in the 16.2.0 update. It is part of the Super Mutant Event Set.


It is a large cannon in the form of an insect-like creature. It has good damage, a slow fire rate, a decent capacity, and a average mobility. It is a 2 shot kill when maxed out.


It appears to be a brown-green gradient segmented barrel, resembling a worm or larva, there are light green nodes on the segments and dorsal spikes on them.

The lower parts of the gun consist of a wooden ring and a black rail to hold the disproportionately large barrel, a wooden stock, a grip, and a small tank holding light green fluid with a light green tube connecting to the muzzle of the large, segmented barrel.


When the fire button is pressed, the weapon will fire a light green toxic projectile. The projectile has travel time, and will deal poison Poison.png upon enemies, taking away an amount of health from enemies in a small period of time. In addition, if other enemies are close to target, they will be damaged too.

When reloading, the user will replace the tank at the bottom of the weapon with a new one.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Brutal Thinner will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.


Information Image
  • Name: Brutal Sounder
  • Cost: Obtainable from the Summer Party Season Pixel Pass Skin Chest
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 22.5.0



  • As this weapon has a low fire rate, bring a strong primary and a sniper to compensate.
  • It inflicts poison damage, use this to weaken enemies.
  • Use it in close to medium range as this weapon has bullet travel.
  • One shot erases the opponent's armor and takes out about 20% of their health. The poison will continue to deal damage especially if Voodoo Doll Module is equipped. Therefore, a fast-firing Automatic can be useful in finishing off opponents.
  • Despite this weapon looking powerful, it takes some skill to use, as the two shots it has to land to kill someone are hard to hit. However, this weapon has vast potential and can be deadly if it falls into the right hands.
  • Use it on a group as it has chain damage. Keep in mind that chain damage is half the damage from the last target it hit every time (first person hit deals full damage, the next person receiving chain damage takes half, and so on).
    • Its chain damage inflicts poison as well, so it can wipe out a swarm of injured enemies. If not, a lot of points for kill assists instead.


  • It has a low fire rate and has a slow projectile, so snipe them from afar.
  • Strafe around the enemy so it makes it harder for them to hit you.
  • Never underestimate this weapon's damage. One shot from this and you are vulnerable to even weak weaponry.
  • Avoid groups of people in close-ranged maps so the chain damage can't hit you.
  • Its area damage radius is not as big as it looks. Keep moving even at point blank, it is still easy to dodge.
  • Get out of corners in maps. This weapon will hit you for sure if you are hiding there.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring any long ranged weapon with you.

Any medium-ranged weapon with a fast fire rate will help deal with more mobile enemies in wide open areas.


  • Initial release.


  • It returned along with the other super mutant weapons.


  • It received a skin.
  • Damage increased by 18.46%.
  • AOE Radius increased from 2 to 2.5.


It shares the same damage of the Electromagnetic Cannon of the Epic grade.

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