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C.A.K.E” is the boss in the Teleportal from Virtual Worlds.


The Teleportal Champion lost control over himself in an attempt to find C.A.K.E, whom he was extremely obsessed with for some unknown reason. The teleportal champion created this himself-maybe an attempt to get out of cubic- but either: it aggressively protects him, it malfunctioned, was controlled by someone (admin?), it turned against him or TC made this when he went mad and that's why it is evil.

Later in the fight, C.A.K.E was defeated by the Newbie and the Teleportal Champion has to pay the Newbie by opening portal.


It looks like a futuristic, mechanical version of a generic Stalker. It walks on four robotic legs, has a crimson, red body, and possesses a white blaster in its torso.


The boss shoots projectiles similar to the Anti-Gravity Blaster. It moves around with its four legs. It would be best if the player uses the bounce pads and portals to confuse the C.A.K.E easily and to avoid the shots of C.A.K.E.

Rocket jumping helps significantly and allows you to avoid C.A.K.E projectiles.


  • It looks like the cube from portal 2, but with legs and head.
  • The acronym may be Command Activate Kill Everyone.
  • It looks similar to other turret enemies.
  • Name may also refer to "The cake is a lie" portal 2 meme

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