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The Call of Valhalla is a Special weapon introduced in the 21.0.0 update.


It is a spear that shoots out a beam of yellow light. It has good damage, average fire rate, high capacity, and below average mobility.


It appears to be somewhat like a cross between a spear and a knife, but the blade is separated into two, and it has glowing blue runes engraved on a charcoal-grey blade. The handle itself is white and thin, with a couple of glowing blue runes, and a red silk-like material wrapped around the upper half of the handle. Between the handle and blade is a strange-looking design, consisting of a blue sphere in the middle of it, a white-and-gold design surrounding it, and golden, somewhat wing-like shapes protruding from it. There are 5 white rectangular cuboids connecting it to the golden design near the handle. Finally, at the butt of the spear, there is yet another golden, bowl-like shape holding a blue sphere.




  • Use this around your teammates to boost their damage.
  • Shoot your own teammates to heal them when they are low on Heart new.png.
  • Having good team support attributes, this weapon is best used in Escort/Fort Siege modes.


Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a shotgun for close range, such as the Ultimatum, and a powerful sniper such as the Anti-Champion Rifle for long range.



  • Initial Release


  • It is a ranged Special weapon, even though it looks like a melee, similar to the Plasma Beast.
    • Its idle animation shows swinging the weapon as if its a melee.
  • Its shooting noise sound similar to the Eye of Ra.
  • It is the first Stream Beam weapon to not reuse the Dragon Energy Emitter reload sound. The Sun Eater also doesn't reuse it.
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