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Candy Land is a multiplayer map introduced in the 16.0.0 update.


The map takes place in a mountainous area made out of sweets such as cakes and cookies. The trees are made of chocolate chip cookies, as well as cake rolls, bushes are made out of green jelly, and a river of strawberry milkshake runs through the middle.

The red team spawns near a riverbank made out of strawberry milkshake. While the blue team spawns near an overhang made out of cake.

In the middle of a map, there is a large purple cake with vanilla frosting and a 'B' letter made out of cookie as a decoration. The cake also has a slice cut out in which acts as a valley for the river to flow through.

Opposite to the cake is a waterfall where the milkshake river flows through, underneath is a cave system with cake walls.


  • This map is very open, meaning that long range weapons such as snipers will be useful.
  • Taking high ground is important to getting an advantage over an opponent.
  • Avoid traversing through the river since it leaves you open from getting hit my an enemy sniper.
  • Do not fall from the river, since you will kill yourself in the process.
  • Most large platforms such as the top of the cake cannot be climbed up.
  • Take cover when possible, like behind cookies and jelly.
  • The sides of the the maps, such as behind the cake and the cave system can be useful for a chokepoint or a place to ambush unsuspecting players.
  • If you want to get from one side of the map to another, go around the edges of the map, as you are less likely to find enemies there.
  • Stand at a higher spot to get a bigger view of the map and people in it.


  • Despite being named Candy Land, majority of the map is made out of cake or confectionery.
  • This map was made specifically for Bigbst4tz2, a YouTube gamer who plays Pixel Gun 3D. The map is candy and cookie themed, because Bigbst4tz2 uses cookies as part of his channel theme.
    • The letter "B" on the map references the YouTuber's initial letter of his name.
  • In the 16.6.0 update, the map's color scheme and design was revamped.
  • The music was also changed to the Battle Royale music. But shortly after, it changed back to its normal music.


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