The Cape Editor, formerly called the "My Cape", is a cape available in the "Accessories" section of the Armory. As the name implies, the player can customize the appearance of the cape.


Before purchasing, or if left unedited, it looks like a red cape with a black 'X' and a blue crystal in the middle.



☆: When equipped, it adds slight improvements to the player. The common statistics being:

  • Jump Height (+5%).
  • Movement Speed (+5%).
  • Damage (+5%).


The player can edit their own cape into any style they want.  Upon purchase, it is a red cape that has a bluish-green crystal in the center.


  • Use this to improve your strafing skills.
  • You can use average-efficiency weapons like the Nuclear Revolver in a slightly easier way since the Cape Editor slightly increases the efficiency.


  • Take out its users by using Homing Missile weapons/gadgets, or weapons with high DPS.
  • Simply stated, there is no proper way of countering users that use this as their helmet. Most of the wear is instead just for boosters, what you should really be focusing on countering is the weapons that your enemies are using.


  • It was called the "Custom Cape".
  • Previously, before purchase, it looked like a white cape with a question mark. After purchase, it looks like the 'default' cape.
  • You can only edit one cape, while you can create/edit an infinite amount of skins.


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