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Castle is the 2nd level in the campaign world Crossed Worlds.


It seems to be a large room, with several pillars which 4 lanterns on each pillar and a small group of trapdoors from Minecraft. There are wooden doors, leading to the entrance of the castle. On the bottom, there is a stone floor with a red carpet, leading into the king's throne, covered with a bunch of Melee weapons.

On the carpet, there lies a small statue of the wizard. On the walls, the bottom part is covered with dark stone bricks, while the upper part is covered with light stone bricks. The wizard also has a wooden piano. There are also a bunch of stained glass on the upper part of the castle. On the brown ceiling, there is a lamp.


When Newbie and the Female Survivor defeated the Spider Boss, they noticed it wearing a key chain and use it to get into the castle. The Female Survivor wonders if the Wizard Boss will welcome them with tea and cookies, but when they open the doors, the Wizard Boss says he has guests for dinner.



Hidden Coin and Gem

The coin is located on the throne on the far end of the map.

The gem is located on the piano chair.


Kill of the castle ghosts and the skeleton mages to prevent them from causing trouble. Then round the remaining enemies together and use a splash damage weapon on them (or a grenade).

To kill the Wizard Boss, simply go around the 2 knights guarding it and shoot at the wizard. Make sure to avoid getting hit as the wizard does shoot quite fast.


  • It looks like the map in Arena.
  • It is one of the smallest campaign maps
  • The soundtrack used in this map is identical to the one used in Arena mode.
  • The outdoor of the map is actually the castle from Swamp.
  • The boss summons two sword-wielding warriors to assist him in his battle with the player.
  • The boss wields the Archimage Dragon Wand, along with a reskinned Archimage Cape.
  • The two warriors are statues, found near the throne.
  • On the left side of the map, facing the throne, you can see two people that are laying on two tables, wearing Wooden Armour, but they match the color of the tables.
  • The throne in the far end of the map is the same throne in the multiplayer map Knife Party.
  • It shares the same track of Arena Maps.


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