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The Devices are one of the craft item categories included in the Craft Items Menu in the 12.0.0 update. Devices usually appear on the top right position of the character, and each and every device has unique abilities.

Here is the list of all of the essential statistics of devices. Full page of each device is found by clicking their links to their respective articles.

Name Image Cost Building Time Attitude Level Required Reward Released
Screenshot 2017-07-30-13-57-32-853.png
90 Gem.png 10 minutes. You will receive 3 Coin.png everyday. 2 5 Exp icon.png. 12.5.0
Mailbox (removed)
85 Gem.png 30 minutes. You will get Tickettrans.png 2 times faster. 2 5 Exp icon.png. 12.0.0
270 Coin.png 2 hours. You will receive 1 Gem.png everyday. 4 5 Exp icon.png. 12.0.0
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover.PNG
270 Gem.png 6 hours. You will get 1 free Lucky Chest spin everyday. 6 5 Exp icon.png. 12.0.0
100 Coin.png 9 hours. You will have more soundtracks available for the main menu. 8 5 Exp icon.png. 12.5.3
405 Gem.png 16 hours. You will get Eggs 2 times faster. 9 10 Exp icon.png. 12.0.0


  • This category of craft items does not have a subcategory.
  • This category is the only category that contains craft items, where one doesn't have the same attitude/use as another.

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