These siege structures are attained from collecting medals and opening the chests from the clan. Siege Artillery units each have different effects. Some slow, some are non-damaging, and some even perform an orbital strike! There are currently 6 types of Siege Artillery units.

Sniper Tower

The Sniper Tower doesn’t deal any damage. Instead, it provides you with an overview of the fort, allowing you to pick off enemies from range. It is also the only Artillery structure that cannot be destroyed by enemy fire. Its rarity is Common.


Candy Cannon

The Candy Cannon fires exploding oversized peppermints at foes, dealing mild damage and inflicting slowdown to anyone who gets caught in its radius. It often fires near or on the enemy Ram. Its rarity is Uncommon.



The catapult fires large rocks at foes, dealing light damage to anyone the rocks hit. Its rarity is Rare.



The Mortar fires exploding shells at the enemy, dealing medium damage. Like the Candy Cannon, it often fires on or near the enemy Ram. Its rarity is Epic.


Missile Station

The Missile Station fires a salvo of missiles on or near the enemy Ram, dealong heavy damage if they connect. This can insta-kill anyone who has Heavy Adamant Armor or lower if every single missile connects. Its rarity is Legendary.


Orbital Satellite

These come in the form of two dishes that periodically make orbital strikes on the enemy's side of the map. These strikes are very powerful, capable of two-shotting max armored players. Its rarity is Mythical.


Countering Artillery

Simply use Sniper weapons or other high damaging weapons. Due to the fact that these weapons are long-ranged, be sure to move around and be aware of the projectiles that these buildings shoot.

  • Snipers are ideal for taking these out. This is because getting too close to the enemy fort is risky and you would make it easier for the enemy to attack you.
  • Weapons such as the Laser Bouncer may prove effective. Weapons such as the Adamant Laser Cannon, Champion Peacemaker, and Freeze Ray Rifle (PG3D) may also be useful in weakening or taking these buildings out, but it would be less efficient.


  • Even though the Candy Cannon fires peppermints, gum balls are seen in its storage unit in the back.
  • The Mortar somewhat resembles the Mortar defense from Boom Beach. The same can be said about the Sniper Tower and its resemblance to a Boom Beach defense.

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