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These are special weapons that can be rented for a number of days, for a cost.

This feature was later removed on the 10.0.0 update, but weapons could be rented again at later some point in the game, but differently, a player randomly gets a weapon to use for two to three matches and has the chance to buy it for a discounted price (60-65%) for one hour.

Different weapons are available for renting at different levels. For every five experience levels, a primary weapon, a backup weapon, a melee weapon, a special weapon, a sniper weapon, and a heavy weapon is available. For example, at level 22-27, One-Shot, Impulse Rifle, Vacuumizer, Combat Yo-Yo, Shotgun Pistol, and others are available. At level 27-32, "Sunrise," "Bastion," Secret Forces Rifle, Steampunk Fists, Reflector, and Dual Hawks are available. These option only begin to be available at level 2.

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