The Chainsaw Doctor is a boss added in the 11.0.0 update. It appears in the Hospital level of Pixelated World and replaces the Red Slime Boss. It also drops the AK Mini upon death. It also appears in wave 2 to 3 in the Monster Siege.


The boss has a big build similar to the Double Headed Zombie with green skin with blood all over its hands and body, and a large head which its eyes are covered by bandages. It also mutated a second head on its left shoulder that has a scrub cap and surgical mask with red eyes and a mutated left foot. It has a black apron with an I.D. on it.

It also wears scrubs similar to the Infected Doctor, wearing blue scrubs with a black surgeon's apron that is covered in blood. It wields a Chainsaw Sword as its weapon.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 2 Heart new 80 Heart new Slow
Medium 2 Heart new 100 Heart new Slow
Hard 2 Heart new 120 Heart new Slow


It will slowly limp towards the player until it is close enough to attack. In which it will attack by swinging its weapon at the player, it will also attack the player's pet if it is in range.



  • It is one of the few bosses that wields a weapon, the others being the Wizard Boss, Admin, Pyramid Head, and Rider.
  • The sounds of its chainsaw can be heard whenever the player is close.
  • The chainsaw can't be picked up after the boss dies.
  • It can not see with its blindfolded main head. Where it would rely on its second head for sight.
  • The chainsaw it wields may be a parody of a "surgical saw".


  • As this boss is very slow, run to the end of a long hallway and keep hitting it with headshots from a sniper
  • If you are at lower levels, do not engage this boss with a melee weapon, this can cause heavy damage on you.
  • But if you have to, just keep moving back and forth whilst attacking the boss. All of the monsters in the game have to stop if they want to attack another entity, so keep that in mind.


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