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The Cheater Hunter is a Primary weapon introduced in the 18.0.0 update.


It is an blue/orange automatic rifle that deals good damage, has an average ammo capacity, and average mobility, and an 8x zoom.


It features a blue/orange body with a blue stock, and a green receiver with a green holographic sight mounted on top and an energy cell embedded on the side of the receiver. At the front, there is a green barrel with a red energy core.


When shot, the word "ERROR" is seen at the end of the gun and it shoots red bullets with no bullet travel and gives  to whoever gets hit. With good modules, it deals a decent damage to someone wearing Gold Clan Armor. When reloading, the player pushes back that appears to be a button that pops out when running out of ammo.

This weapon has fixed delay meaning whenever you switch to this weapon, it always has a pull-out animation lasting around half a second.



  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
  • Use the scope of this weapon to pick off enemies at longer range.
  • Use this weapon to finish off weakened players.
  • Use this like the Pew Pew Rifle without the X-Ray


  • Long ranged weapons like snipers make quick work of its users but remember that it possesses an 8x zoom.
  • Bombard the enemy with area damage weapons to disorient their aim.
  • Use melee weapons if engaged in a close ranged combat.


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Recommended Maps

Close range maps like Silent School and Classic Pool.

Equipment Setups

Equip an 85 mobility melee as its mobility isn't that high.



  • Initial release


  • The weapon's barrel is similar to the Prototype's. This suggests that the Cheater Hunter may be a type of railgun
  • Despite of its name, it does not have the function to track down and ban cheaters in the game.
    • Likely because it would be abused.
  • Despite its looks, it sounds like a normal gun.

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