Used as a decoration in all gamemodes.

—Official description of the Chest Hat

The Chest Hat is a hat that can be used on any game mode.



☆: It increases movement speed and headshot protection chance


  • Use this to move faster around the map.
  • Use this hat for a possible headshot protection.


  • Use a fast mobility weapon to catch up on users wearing this hat.
    • Wearing this hat yourself can be an effective way of doing this.


It appears to be a half opened version of the Small Chest. It is a chest with a light blue cover some dark blue details on it's left and right sides. The bottom part of the chest is white. There's also a blue square with a black pistol icon on it on the center's front center.


  • It is obtained by playing during the 18.0.0 update.
  • It is the first hat to be gifted by the developers.
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