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Christmas spirit won't go anywhere if your shotgun has a tiny toy inside. Share your festive mood with others.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Christmas Spirit is a Primary weapon added in the 15.7.0 update. It can be obtained from the New Year's Lottery.


It is a Christmas-themed shotgun that shoots multiple bullets in a spread. It has very good damage, an average fire rate, a decent capacity, and high mobility.


It appears to be a green shotgun with a snow globe in the center of the weapon.


This weapon shoots multiple bullets in a spread, proving that it is a shotgun. It performs best at close range and these bullets have instant bullet travel time.

When reloading, there is a pumping action when reloaded.

It receives a delay if weapons associated with Three Category Spam like the Thunderer and the Reflector were shot, then quickly switched to this weapon.



  • It can one-shot if all bullets hit in close-range.
  • Aim for the head to deal more damage.
  • The fire rate isn't anything special, so be sure to use this skillfully.
  • Use this only in close range.
  • Try to use this against weakened enemies to quickly dispatch them.


  • Attack the user from long range.
  • Attack the user with area damage weapons.
  • Strafe around the enemy so you don't get hit.
  • Use the Reflector (Gadget) when they attack you or get near to you.

Recommended Maps

Pool Party or any close to medium ranges map.

Equipment Setups

Bring any long-ranged weapon.



Initial release.


  • Interestingly, this weapon was not released during Christmas’s season, despite its theme.
  • The muzzle flash of this weapon appears to be stars that are yellow and greenish-blue.
  • This weapon was the photo for the Pixel Gun 3D app for the 15.7 update.

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