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Not to be confused with the Primary weapon, the Ultimatum.
The Christmas Spirit can be delivered in different ways. This bazooka, for example, has projectiles that separate into one big and several smaller rockets, covering more ground.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Christmas Ultimatum, commonly abbreviated as "CU" or "X-mas Ult", is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.1.0 update. It is part of the Cyber Santa Event Set that includes: Cyber Santa Avatar, Laser Assistant, Dual Cryo Pistols, and Christmas Ultimatum. After obtaining all of the weapons you get a full set effect: Resistance to poison, bleeding, and burning effects.


It is a Christmas themed rocket launcher/bazooka that shoots a small Christmas tree that when comes in contact with something, explodes into multiple smaller explosions (Cluster Bomb). At max Efficiency, it is capable of one-shotting max armored opponents when combined with the cluster bombs attribute. Its fire rate is slow and it has a mediocre capacity and very low mobility.


The weapon takes the form of an RPG-style rocket launcher.

This weapon is mostly green and has candy cane colors that breach in the back of the weapon and on the top of the body. The body of the weapon is mainly green, with several electronic parts and wires on the side of the body. On the bottom of the weapon, it has a trigger handle that is made of wood with a red trigger, and a grey shoulder rest behind the handle.

Its rocket takes the form of a Christmas tree with purple and yellow lights. The rocket itself creates clusters of secondary explosions upon impact.


Despite being a big rocket launcher, the weapon is mounted on the player's shoulder and held up with its right hand. It shoots small Christmas trees that form a colorful green explosion and then more tiny explosions are created on impact. The rocket's speed without the Jet Fuel is still rather fast and can catch players off guard if they aren't prepared for its speed.

On impact, the Cluster Bombs spread out far enough to catch enemies who attempt to run away from the explosions. Even when the rocket hits a a player mid-air, its Cluster Bombs will be able to kill the enemy player when they fall to them.

When the player reloads, it takes out the Christmas tree in the launcher and stuffs it in the hole with another one. It has no delay mechanics.


Use this in short to medium ranges, with a sniper for long range.


  • When using this weapon, aim for groups of users, as the cluster bomb attribute will likely kill or damage many enemies.
  • If an enemy is constantly moving around, or in the air, do not use this weapon unless you are close to the enemy, as you may consume a lot of ammunition.
  • If you see or suspect a user is behind a wall, shooting at the wall can damage or kill the user.
  • If you are on very low health, you can self-destruct with this weapon to avoid being killed by an enemy.
  • In game modes where points determine wins, it is recommended not to crutch on this as you gain fewer points than having a weapon that can headshot. However, rocket jump kills can mitigate that.
  • This weapon is godly on Point Capture, as the horizontal explosions can cause entire point wipes at times, and the high Efficiency can deal with clusters of players easily. This can kill players with the Heavy Champion Armor in one shot.
  • This weapon is good Block Crash for it's large area damage and its Cluster Bomb attribute that will weaken or even finish off the surrounding blocks.
  • This weapon has the cluster bomb ClusterBomb.png attribute, so when the main rocket explodes, it will split into several tiny bombs that resemble that of the Toy Bomber.
  • This weapon can be used for rocket jumping, but you must jump before firing, or else it can damage your armor or health.
  • This can be used to perform the Easy-Way-Out.


  • As frightening as the area damage may seem, most of it is horizontal, so staying airborne as much as possible will limit the window of getting one-shot.
  • Use a Jetpack or Rocket jump frequently. Like all travel time weapons, it is very hard to directly hit someone with this when they are flying. Most users will aim for the ground and use the AreaDamage.png attribute to kill you.
  • The fire rate is moderately slow, so try jumping and strafing around players who use this weapon.
  • Hide behind a wall and use a wall-break weapon like the Anti-Champion Rifle.
  • Be aware that the damage is decreased if you hit someone through a wall.
  • Use a long-range weapon such as the Anti-Hero Rifle, as the Christmas Ultimatum does not have great accuracy.
  • Using a mobility weapon, such as the Last Cry or Pulling Sucker Gun, can confuse its users, and well as pull you out of its range.
  • Attack them when you see the Christmas tree starting to appear at the front of the gun because this means the weapon is preparing for another shot. Remember to use your highest damage weapon for this.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups


This weapon is undoubtedly one of the most popular weapons in the game. When accessible to many players, many players would want to buy it. It is often loved and wanted by many players, but others dislike it due to its performance and/or its popularity. Some people like this weapon for its very high damage (one-shot kill since the recent update) and being relatively easy to hit shots with (because of having pretty high AreaDamage.png attribute) but others dislike it and view the Christmas Ultimatum as a too powerful weapon because of the reasons mentioned above.

This weapon re-gained popularity in the 17.5.0, because of the buff of the cluster bomb attribute. It was frequently used in matches. However, the damage nerf in the 17.6.0 update made it somewhat less popular and less used in matches.


This weapon's first word "Christmas" invokes that this weapon's theme is derived from Christmas. The second word, "Ultimatum", could mean "ultimate", therefore indicating an ultimate fate or very powerful. For the context of this weapon, it could mean it is the "ultimate Christmas weapon". In war, an ultimatum is a forced peace treaty from the victor, usually resulting in the loser paying hefty amounts to the victor.



  • Initial release.


  • Added the missing Cluster Bombs attribute icon in the Armory.

13.5.3 - 14.1.2

  • The weapon was nerfed, and no longer one-shots enemy players.


  • It was buffed to one-shot players, even at their max 45 HP/48 Armor.


  • It was nerfed again.


  • Not a direct change to this weapon, but the cluster bomb attribute by itself was buffed, making this weapon indirectly more powerful.


  • Its damage was nerfed by 27%. Its travel time was also increased.


  • It no longer use Toy Bomber's projectiles as its Cluster Bombs.


  • All splash damage weapons were nerfed.


  • The design of the weapon takes inspiration off of the RPG-7.
  • This weapon used to be guaranteed one-shot kill when it was first released. Its damage was reduced to a 2 shot kill, however, the Cluster Bombs could still finish off the opponent by chance. It can also be a one-shot with Level 6 or higher damage modules.
    • It cannot 1 shot a max armor player after the nerf in 17.6.0.
  • It is part of the Cyber Santa Event Set that includes: Cyber Santa Avatar, Laser Assistant, Dual Cryo Pistols, and Christmas Ultimatum
  • It is the first weapon to feature the Cluster Bomb attribute.
  • Despite its grade, it is a common weapon to be seen in Multiplayer in higher levels.
  • Despite its name, it is not a reskin of the Ultimatum due to it being released in December 2017 while this Ultimatum was released in September 2018.
  • Regarding its high damage, this highly destructive weapon can be very efficient for 3/2 category spam.
  • As a glitch, the rocket of this weapon can sometimes get caught allowing players to see a stationary rocket in battle.


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