Not to be confused with City, which is a Map.

The City is a Static introduced in the 12.2.0 update.


It appears as 3 buildings. The first building is light brown on the top and the bottom, but aqua green in the middle, the second building is white and is the tallest building. It has 9 floors, where the first 7 floors are wider than the top 2 ones, because the first 7 floors have 3 columns of windows, while the top 2 ones have only one column of windows. There is a line on the middle column of the first 7 floors. The last building is overall blue, and it has 2 columns of cyan windows. It has 6 floors.

Note that this craft item was described from left to right.


It is used to tremendously increase the chance of receiving gems from the Lucky Chest.


US Patriot themed.


  • This can be found on the background of the map White House.
  • It is the first static craft item that was obtainable from the Super Chest.
  • This static craft item cannot be removed.
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