A Clan Division is a feature in the Clans System introduced in the 17.0.0 update.


A clan division represents the category of the clan and clans in the same division fight each other in a Clan War. The higher the division, the more hard-working the clan is, the steeper the rewards and the more the powerful clan content is available in the Clan Store. In higher divisions in Clan Wars, clans usually become more competitive and challenging.

Changing divisions

In Clan War, there are 6 clans of the same division. At the end of the Clan War, the two clans with the most valor points out of the 6 will level up a division (unless if they're in the Godlike Division), the clans in the 3rd and 4th place will stay in the same division and the two clans with the least amount of valor points between the 6 will drop a division (unless if they're in the Wooden Division). For example, assuming the 6 clans are all in the Steel Division: at the end of the Clan War, the 2 clans with the most valor points will be promoted to the Golden Division, the ones in the 3rd and 4th place will stay in the Steel Division and the other 2 will be demoted to the Wooden Division.


The following is a list of divisions:

  • Wooden Division
  • Steel Division
  • Golden Division
  • Crystal Division
  • Ruby Division
  • Adamant Division
  • Champion Division
  • Godlike Division


Division Weapons Wear
Wooden Division
  • Log
  • Druid
  • Oak Bot
Steel Division
  • Dragoon
  • Iron Warrior
  • Steel Man
Golden Division
  • King Of The Streets
  • Mafia Boss
  • Yakuza Agent
Crystal Division TBA TBA
Ruby Division TBA TBA
Adamant Division TBA TBA
Champion Division TBA TBA
Godlike Division TBA TBA


  • The division after the Champion Division is not the Pro Division. The reason why this is being said is that, in the Tournament and the Leagues System, the league after the Champion League is the Pro League, unlike the Clans System, which has the Godlike Division after the Champion Division.
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