The Clan Silver is a currency introduced in the 17.0.0 update.


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It appears to be a silver ingot.


It is used for spending on Clan Chests, including the Small Clan Chest, the Medium Clan Chest and the Large Clan Chest, and for buying different stuff from Black Market.


Clan Silver is primarily obtained by contributing to tasks in the Clan War, but they can also be obtained by receiving the generated income from captured zones, doing Clan Silver task and exchanging them for coins and gems in the Black Market

In the 17.6.0 update, receiving Silvers from generated income is locked for new clan members. To unlock the income, new members must have at least 3 days of experience in the clan, without being banished. After that, the income is available to collect as normally.


Currently, Clan Silver can only be spent on Clan Chests, including the Small Clan Chest, the Medium Clan Chest, and the Large Clan Chest. They cost 600, 3000 and 15000 Clan Silver, respectively.


  • It is the successor of Medals.
  • Clan Silver can't be lost even if the player left a clan and joined another.
  • Its looks slightly similar to the Iron Ingot from Minecraft.


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