The Clan Super Chest is one of the 4 Clan Chests introduced in the 17.0.0 update. Unlocking clan chests using Clan Silver fills the bar. The bar resets after every clan war that ends. If you don’t open it by the end of the clan war, it will not carry over to the next war.


It appears to be an adamant chest with some crystal details, amethyst gems, a thick golden frame and an amethyst sword symbol on the lock.


The Clan Super Chest has it's own restriction apart from the Clan Store, this prevents new clan members to access and open the Super Chest immediately. In order for this to be lifted, new clan members must have at least 5 days of experience in the clan, without getting banished. After that, the Chest will be free to access.


It is used for receiving a huge number of weapon parts, a huge number of modules for the weapons, a huge number of fort/tank objects parts and a huge number of coins.


  • 125 parts
  • 240 modules
  • 50-150 fort/tank parts
  • 7-8 coins


2000 points accumulated after unlocking numerous Small Clan Chests, Medium Clan Chests and Large Clan Chests.

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