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Customizing the Clan Tank

The Clan Tank is a feature added in the 17.0.0 update where clans attack an enemy fort and its defense using their tank.

Tank Escort

When on a tank escort, the objective for the attacking team is to push the tank to the base in time. The attackers can use their weapons to kill players trying to stop them, or the tank can attack itself. Tanks can be ameliorated with an array of attacks such as upgrading the main gun, turrets and/or adding gadgets.

Decorating the tank

After setting up the defenses, players can freely decorate the tank. The decorations, in which don't come from Craft Items like the Clan Fort customize the color of the tank hull and the tank tower (categorized as Decorations), while others are interactive decorations (categorized as "Defense"), such as the Minigun Cannon or the Tank Freezer. Decorations do not appear to serve any function, but defense do.

Tank Power

Tank power increases when earning Clan Silver in the Clan War to open chests. This would result in receiving parts in items and to set them in the Tank. Items can be upgraded to increase the Tank level. The energy bar depends on this upgrade and installing the same items spends more energy. Placing two of the same items will double the amount of energy they both take up.


  • Only leaders can change the tank design.
  • Unlike the Clan Fort, the tank never had a storage, because the Clan Storage was removed on the same update the Clan Tank was added.
  • The main gun and turrets seem to be similar to the fort artillery.
  • The fort always has a higher power than the tank simply because the tank's turrets cost more energy.
  • Tanks replaced all of the rams, except the Simple Ram, which is still used in Escort. However, tanks are never used in that game mode, like the Clan Fort as of 17.0.0.
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