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Co-op Survival in the old Map Selection.

Fight alongside other players to kill monsters. Player with highest score wins.

—Mode Rules

In Co-op Survival, formerly called Cooperative, players have a total of 4 minutes to kill as many enemies and get the best score, using weapons that are used in a suggested category. In this mode, players can't damage or kill other players. Enemies are immune to weapon damage except for the suggested weapon category.

Players will gain different amounts of scores depending on the toughness of your enemy. It seems to decrease for every less rank.

Dying, either from the enemies or self-inflicted damage like explosions, otherwise in this mode inflicts a score deduction to the unfortunate player.


Co-op Survival includes these monsters (Note: all enemies have medium mode's stats):



  • All the enemies that carry little scores spawn at the beginning of the game. And somewhere in between the limited time, a few Double Headed Zombies which carry a lot of scores will spawn. Be sure to hunt them down. Make sure that the other players don't see them, or they'll get the points and possibly the points for killing them. In the last 30 seconds, Red Stalkers and Double Headed Zombies will spawn. Be sure to kill all of them, since they usually carry the most points.
  • For every hit on an enemy, it seems that each headshot would count as 10 points and a regular hit would be 5 points. This would mean Primary weapons or Flamethrowers would be best if used.
  • Use a weapon with a suggested category (e.g. If the game tells you to use a Primary weapon, you need to kill several enemies with your equipped Primary weapon.).
    • Using pets and offensive gadgets can also help you kill enemies instead of using weapons that are in an unsuggested weapon category, such as utilizing the barrier shields to block off portions of the map.

See more tips here.


  • The enemies' difficulty is not dependent on the players' levels. For this reason, most high and medium-level players face very little threat from monsters in this game mode, and the game plays more like a hunt than a survival experience.
  • Different enemies spawn on different maps, though the differences between them are purely aesthetic.
  • Maps in Co-op Survival are much less open than in the Arena mode.
  • The game lasts 4 minutes. It used to last 3 minutes.
  • As of the 12.0.0 update, this mode turned into a minigame.
    • In the 12.1.0 update, it turned back into a mode.
    • But in a resent update It turned back to a minigame.
  • As of the 12.0.0 update, you no longer have the ability to use the weapons you bought.
  • Here are the following reward decreases:
    • As of the 9.3.0 update, instead of earning 4 coins, you earn 3.
    • As of the 12.0.0 update, instead of 3 Coin.png and 20 Exp icon.png, you earn 2 Coin.png and 10 Exp icon.png.
  • In the 12.0.0 update, the Co-op Survival maps are chosen randomly.
    • However, as of the 12.1.0 update, it is now possible to select a random map.
  • As of the 12.1.0 update, there is now a feature that restricts you from using any weapon, making Co-op Survival more challenging for the players.
    • This restriction causes players to use only a certain weapon from the six categories (Primary, Backup, Melee, Special, Sniper, and Heavy) for a short amount of time. Periodically, this weapon category restriction will change to a random one.
    • Enemies hit by a weapon that is not of the current weapon category required, they will suffer no damage.
    • Using gadgets or pets, however, are temporary solutions to these restrictions. More often than not, you'll most likely be using the weapon from the set category rather than gadgets or pets (mostly because of cooldowns and pet respawn).
  • In the 18.0.2 update, this mode can only be played in the Clan War, and Private Matches.
  • In the 20.0.0 update, this mode was moved to the mini games section and is now random what map you play on because of this, similar to Deadly Games.

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