The Code Knight is an enemy in the 5th and final level ??? in the campaign world Crossed Worlds.


It is similar to the big, white armored knights that guard the Wizard Boss in Castle (Campaign), except with a more matrix/neon theme. It is black with turquoise/teal borders, it has red eyes, and it has a red circle on its chest revealing its 'heart' (which was its only hitbox).

It also carries a matrix themed sword and a matrix themed shield that is black with turquoise/teal borders.


It will walk towards the player. If it is the only enemy left, it will start running towards the player.

When in melee range, it will swing its sword downwards to the player followed with fast swings, making it a deadly opponent in melee ranges.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 12 Heart new 40 Heart new Moderate
Medium 13 Heart new 50 Heart new Moderate
Hard 14 Heart new 60 Heart new Moderate


  • To easily kill a code knight snipe them in the core from far away using an accurate weapon such as the Prototype S.
  • To kill multiple of them easily get the code knights to follow you till they are nearly in a line then use Soulstone or Ghost Lantern to kill them all in a couple shots.
  • Rocket jump to dodge its hits.


  • It is a matrix version of the Knight Golem.
  • It is one of the mobs that only have a hitbox for its core. Most of its parts are ghostly for other projectiles. This means that a player must aim directly at the chest for the best chance to damage the knights.
  • It is one of only three monsters to have a designated hitbox, the other two being Knight Golem and Pharaoh Golem.
  • When it dies, it will simply fall apart into pieces. The pieces then vanish.
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