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The Combat Knife Up1 is a Melee weapon introduced in the 3.4.0 update. It is the second form of the Combat Knife.


Just like the Combat Knife, except that the sharp part of this weapon is black instead of silver.


It has low damage, good mobility and fast attack speed.


  • Jump around, but make sure you are still attacking the enemy.
  • Stealthily approach the enemy in the blind side, and attack them.
  • You may also need a back-up weapon if the other tips won't work.
  • Use this to finish off an off-guarded weak target. Such as an unarmored busy sniper.
  • Use this weapon to escape some dangerous situations, thanks to its good mobility.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Its damage is extremely noticeable especially if you have armor. Take note on the damage indicators to know of where is the attacker is. 
  • When engaged in close range combat with a user of this weapon, use a close ranged weapon or an area damage weapon to finish them off.




Recommended Maps


Equipment Setups

Due to it being a beginner's weapon partly upgraded, bring other weapons to avoid getting killed often.


  • It is impossible for a player owning this form of this weapon if they played this game before the Clans update of Pixel Gun World.
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