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The Combat Spinner is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 17.5.0 update. It is a projectile with a very large radius.


It appears to be a blue and cyan, clan themed fidget spinner. It has a yellow center circle with a tiny, red dot on the circle's center. The fidget spinner is blue from the front and the back but has a cyan outline on its sides. Moreover, the fidget spinner has three holes, each hole being bordered by metal with gold accents.


This gadget is good for sudden attacks and escaping from your enemies at medium-range. When used, the player will throw the spinner, and after the debuting point of the trajectory, it will create a blast on impact which can cause bleeding and small area damage to an affected opponent. Keep in mind that it only does damage if you directly hit the enemy or if you throw it on a wall or floor near the enemy.



  • It can inflict bleeding to players so note that it can deal additional damage.
  • Use this against multiple enemies in one spot, because this has area damage.
  • As the area damage is relatively small, wait until you are quite close to an enemy before throwing it.
  • Be sure to aim properly while using this gadget, otherwise, the spinner will miss the targeted player(s), since it has travel time.
  • This gadget is perfect for throwing down hallways in maps such as Silent School.
  • Never use the spinner on an obstacle right next to you, as you will bleed and take damage.


  • Stay away from tight corridors.
  • Rocket jump away from the user so they will miss.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Use the Jetpack to fly above its user(s) and kill them from a distance.
  • Counter its shots using the Reflector gadget.
  • Engage its users in close ranges so as to lure them to self-damage or suicide.
  • Strafe around to reduce the chance of getting hit.
  • Run away immediately if you see someone pull out this gadget using the travel time and the throwing time.
  • Use weapons and items with the Gadget Block attribute, such as the Disabler or Neutron Pulsator, to prevent the opponent from activating this gadget.


Stats Cooldown
Initial Tier 27 Seconds
Tier 1 26 Seconds
Tier 2 25 Seconds
Tier 3 24 Seconds
Tier 4 23 Seconds
Tier 5 22 Seconds
Tier 6 21 Seconds
Tier 7 20 Seconds
Tier 8 19 Seconds
Tier 9 18 Seconds
Tier 10 17 Seconds
Tier 11 16 Seconds
Final Tier 15 Seconds



  • Initial release


  • This was one of the first (among all the Gadgets that were added in 17.5.0) Gadgets which can be obtained only through the Clans System.
  • It is a remodel of an unreleased asset version of this gadget. The original version of it was red.
  • It was added in 2020, even though it resembles fidget spinners which were formerly a trend in 2017.
  • It resembles the projectiles of the Fidget Thrower.
  • Despite its Mythical Grade, the Combat Spinner deals relatively low damage, and is generally less efficient than its Epic counterpart, the Ninja Shurikens.
  • This is one of few area damage items that can do headshots.

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