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Schedule of the first Community Van posted both on the official server and the game.

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The Community Van is a special type of Trader's Van made for the Pixel Gun 3D community. It is a unique type of van that is scheduled with weapons of different categories every day. The Community Van usually lasts several days.

On June 11, 12, and 13, 2020, the developers asked the community what weapons do they want to return using the #votes channel in the Pixel Gun 3D Discord. They posted around 15 popular weapons with their images every day for a few days. One can vote by reacting with the green plus icon below the weapon's image. The most voted weapons made their appearance for the community to purchase in the Trader's Van. Ever since, developers release various Community Vans for the Pixel Gun Community.


  • On 8/20/20 , the developers announced another Community Van, which will sell 3 most voted loadouts from 12 possible loadouts. One can vote for his/her desired loadout just like in the previous one. The first van will arrive on 8/21/20 and each van will appear for 1 day. There will be 3 vans in total. There was a delay, so the van didn't arrive on 8/21/20, so the Community Van first appeared on 8/22/20.
  • On 1/9/20, the developers announced another Community Van based on popular and requested weapons from the previous 12 loadouts.
  • On 25/9/20 developers introduced a van with certain requested weapons (The majority of which has previously been in Battle Passes) from different social medias.
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  • On 23/10/20 and 24/10/20, to celebrate Halloween, the developers announced 24 winners for a previously scheduled Halloween Weapon Skin Contest, and says that they will be implemented in the game via another Community Van. 2 videos describing the winning skins were released in their Discord Server.
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    On 5/28/21, the developers announced another Community Van based on popular and requested weapons from players. The developers created a poll which will decide the weapons of the Community Van via Discord. The choices are in the form of 7 normal loadouts and the voting ended at 31.05 10:00 UTC.
  • On 6/18/21, the Community Vans of June finally made it's appearance.

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