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A perfect addition to a policeman-of-the-future kit. Puts down troublemakers and warms up donuts 24/7. Yeah, totally irreplacable.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Cop's Club is a Melee weapon introduced in the 15.3.0 update. It was obtainable from the Cyber Set Event that included: Cop's Club, Sniper Cyber Module, and Rocket Hands.


It is a futuristic cyber police baton that attacks, burns, and slows down opponents in close range. It has good damage, good attack speed, and high mobility.


The weapon is a futuristic police baton. It has a black base with a rubber grip and a golden-yellow body with a cube on top. Three golden rings surround the main body. The rings generate electricity and it creates the colors blue/white when the weapon is swung.


The player swings this weapon to attack an opponent in close. This weapon can also make them have a burning effect, which makes them temporarily lose extra health. Moreover, it can also slow them down, reducing their mobility for a few seconds.



  • Use this in knife party or close range maps or if you’re in a situation that you need a melee weapon.
  • Equip the Berserk Boots and Berserk Cape to maximize mobility speed.
  • Sneak up behind the enemy then attack him/her with it.
  • Use this weapon at close quarters engagements, because this is a weapon that requires being up close to the target.
  • When the enemy is hit, finish them off with a high damaging weapon.
  • The Burning attribute is useful for dealing additional damage over time, which could potentially kill a target if their health is low enough.
  • The Slows Down Target attribute is perfect for taking down mobile users.


  • This is a melee weapon and is easy to counter. Just have high mobility or a way to fly.
  • Pick off the user at a long range.
  • Area damage and shotgun weapons decimate users.
  • When caught in a melee battle, try striking the user first, backpedal, then strike again until the user dies.
  • Stay out of range from a user of this weapon to prevent taking damage. Try engaging the user with a Primary weapon at medium range.
  • Try to rocket jump if you are in close range with the user, in order to dodge their attacks and damage them at the same time.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

It serves as a well balanced melee weapon, and can be used by all loadouts.


  • Initial release.
  • Damage increased by 13%.
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