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The Corpuscular Revolver is a Backup weapon introduced in the 21.7.0 update.


It looks like a very advanced version of the Nuclear Revolver.


Since this weapon has charge shot it is able deal extremely high damage but it must be at full charge. This also has wall break so use that to your advantage when enemies hide behind objects. It also has slowing down targets so you can easily finish off your opponents if the first shot does not already take them out.



  • Use it like the Charge Rifle but in the back up slot.
  • Charge it up before engaging in combat.
  • Pair it up with the rest of it's set to deal damage to enemies near you when you die, due to the full set effect.


  • Ambush them before they get to charge.
  • Counter it with another high-damaging weapon of your own.
  • Use a high-mobility weapon to dodge their shots, as it will take a while before it can fire a fully-charged shot again. Keep in mind it's users may switch to a different weapon instead.
  • Do not stay close to it's users as you could be greeted by a nuclear explosion to the face, because of the effect of the set the weapon is included in.


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