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This article describes about the feature. See Category:Craft Items for the full list of craft items.

The current button.

The main display of the menu.

A display of a handful amount of craft items, specifically bases.

The Craft Items Menu is a menu for lobby modifications, used to gain advantages from craft items and modify the looks of your lobby. This menu was introduced in the 12.0.0 update. This feature has nothing to do with the "Craft" section in the Armory. Crafting is unlocked at level 5.




It is a button with a tool which seems to be a stone hammer, used for building craft items and decorations, with a grass block behind it.


It is an orange button, written "Craft" on white, located slightly to the right side of the button. There is also a tool which seems to be a stone hammer.

The former button.


There are 3 buttons. One is for the lobby settings, one is for a preview mode and one is for going into a category or exiting the menu. Next, it shows some categories and sub-categories of craft items. Once you tapped on a sub-category, you will find a bunch of craft items along with the cost and options. To find more craft items, the player must scroll left or right.


The following categories and sub-categories include:


To add a craft item, you will need to tap the Craft button, then go to a category, then a subcategory (if the chosen category has one), then finally, you can buy the desired craft items by spending Coin.png or Gem.png.

Every craft item requires a certain amount of time in order to complete building. The Speed Up button, colored in yellow and placed both below the craft item image and under the currency values, can be tapped to instantly finish the bought craft item. However, instantly finish on building craft items requires a certain amount of Gem.png.

Finally, when your craft item has finished building, you will earn a certain amount of experience and have the options to place and remove the craft item, at any time.

Note: Only 1 craft item can be created at a time.

People can also love the looks of your lobby, though, the hearts wouldn't lead into a special reward.


  • The Pixel Gun Company misspelled "Standard", calling it "Standart". It was located on the settings button.
    • However, in the 12.0.1 update, that typo has been fixed.
  • 133 craft items were introduced in the initial update.
  • The last permanent lobby item added was the ''Crimson Night'' sky, which was only available from the ''Halloween Season'' Battle Pass.
  • Most of These Item perks don't work anymore very few actually do.
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