The Crawler is a very common enemy, and also one of the weakest. As it's in the name, It crawls onto you and bite/hits you on the legs.


It is a crawling person with a black suit and a bleeding head with blood in various different spots such as its arms and legs. Its showing skin is green, showing signs of infection.

The full appearance of the crawler.

The Old rendition of the Crawler with the removed Zombie Pigman.


It will crawl towards the player, getting delayed on most of the obstacles.


  • You can dodge this enemy easily, simply walking in a zig-zag pattern,as it isn't very mobile.
  • Take advantage of the fact that you can walk on top of it without being hurt.
  • Though it is not terribly hard to hit this enemy, if you are far away from the crawler, you should still use a weapon with a scope such as Secret Forces Rifle.
  • Using area damage weapons can help a lot when you are surrounded.
    • You can also use jump boosting gear like Ninja Tabi to run away.
  • It is very weak, deals minimal damage, and is not very fast,so try to kill these enemies with a melee weapon,to conserve ammo for tougher enemies.
  • Try to Rocket jump (PG3D) if the player is at low health.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 1 Heart new.png 3 Heart new.png Moderate
Medium 1Heart new.png 3Heart new.png Moderate
Hard 1Heart new.png 6Heart new.png Moderate


  • It has different versions: the City Crawler, the Hospital Crawler, the Desert Crawler, the Infected Scientist and the Parallel Crawler. They all behave the same.
  • It may be a reference to crawlers from multiple different Call of Duty Zombies. Crawlers in COD are often left alive due to their minimum threat to allow players to explore maps, Easter Eggs or maybe prepare for the next round.
  • Strangely, you can walk over the crawlers before they launch an attack. You can make this useful when a horde of crawlers are going to attack you and you can't use a jet pack or when you do not have gear for performing double jump.
  • The old skin of the crawler had a more whitish face (most likely a skull) with black clothing (although it's desert counterpart has most of the old skin into it but with additional desert clothes)
  • It is unknown why the crawler zombie decides to crawl (hence its name), not walk.
    • It's legs might have been shot or paralyzed when it got infected.
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