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Crossed Worlds is the third Campaign world introduced in the 10.0.0 update. It contains 5 stages.


Crossed Worlds consists of multiple places.

There is a brown floating island, with several waterfalls. There are a few trees, a volcano, a castle wall and a castle.

Next to it, there is a white floating space station, along with a blue UFO. The space station has technological glass and construction signs.

Behind both places, there is a pixelated version of Earth. Earth contains a large city with all sorts of buildings, such as brick or glass buildings. There is also a crane along with unfinished buildings and a road. The Creator's house is located in the city.

Finally, there is a pixelated version of the moon near Earth.


  • When a player completes the last level of this world, they will get a free gun as a reward, as well 15Gem.png.
  • Despite the free gun being located on the moon, it is actually supposed to be located at the Evil Bug's death location in the last Campaign level in Crossed Worlds (???).
  • Earth is a very large planet compared to cities, even though the city takes up about 1/12 of the entire planet, which means it takes about 1/3.5 of the entire terrestrial part of Earth.


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