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Cubic is a character and boss in Campaign. It is the final boss of Virtual Worlds. You unlock the Cubic Hat after beating him.


Cubic is a villainous entity. Cubic has said to have trapped many people inside the virtual dimension and forced them to play many games.

Cubic has four faces:

  • Yellow: He will move with increased speed. He will not attack unless you get too close. If you do, he will spit flames at you.
  • Red: Cubic will attack you with projectiles similar to the Solar Power Cannon. Be as far as you can to avoid being damaged by the blast radius.
  • Green: Cubic will fire at the player with a minigun-like fashion and regenerate health (lifesteal) if he hits you. Run around the map and take cover to avoid his shots.
  • Blue: This phase indicates a defeated boss.

Cubic also spawns Spider Mine (Enemy) and enemy Guardian.



  • When he uses his minigun, don't hide behind covers run around the map, because you can avoid most of his shots (He isn't like Admin who can spray the minigun to you immediately.)
  • When he uses his flamethrower, don't attack him run away from him, because he has faster speed and can spray his high damaging to you any time so recommended to always stay away from him to avoid his flamethrower.
  • When he uses his red face never hide behind blocks, because if he comes close to you he can 2-shot kill you.
  • Use the System Admin or the Antivirus to give high damage to him.
  • Before fighting him make sure to always left with 1 enemy left for your preparation (Reloading, Picking up ammo etc.)

When defeated make sure to destroy or try to avoid and maneuver through all Spider Mine and Guardian or else there's a chance that you could fail to accumulate 3 stars.


Cubic appears in a Rubik's cube like fashion except with only four colors: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue, those colors resemble on how he will attack you.



  • Initial release of Virtual Worlds: Cubic is final boss of Virtual Worlds.


  • It is the only boss whose appearance changes color depending on its actions. It has 4 different colors.
  • It is possible that Cubic is behind this story of all of the Campaign episodes.
  • Cubic's minigun sounds similar to the Automatic Peacemaker from earlier updates.
  • Though firing Solar Power Cannon projectiles, the firing sound effect sounds similar to the Champion Solar Cannon.
  • This is the only boss who has 4 different sides/lives.

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