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The Champion of Cubota 2 is a supporting character in the events of campaign’s Virtual Worlds.

He is 1 of the 3 Champions needed to help breach the Citadel and enter Cubic’s lair and stop him once and for all. He is a master of combat and strength. He is needed because he has been known to have destroyed so many of the Citadel’s defense towers that the main tower would collapse at the sight of him.

He carries a mage version of the Disconnector.


  • Aim for his head to deal more damage.
  • Attack first his minions since you might not know you will be attacked if you solely focus on Cubota 2 Champion.
  • Avoid his shots, since your affected HP will be transferred to him.
  • This boss will start to move very fast if you get to far away from him, but you can still be faster than him, if you jump every time and run with something that has System Admin's + mobility. Anyways, it's not recommended to stay in one place if you don't want this boss getting closer to you.
  • He throws the Disconnector unlike the actual weapon which shoots a green projectile
  • He regenerates health when he is not talking damage, keep this in mind when running away from him
  • Strafe around him so he misses his shots.


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