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In the age of modern Cubic technologies Cupid doesn't use a bow in his daily life anymore - it is completely impractical. He hang it on the wall though, as it reminds him of sweet o' days of his youth.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Cupid's Bow is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 10.1.0 update. It is a Valentine's Day-themed bow that shoots heart arrows. It has low damage, medium rate of fire, a mediocre capacity, and low mobility.


It is a bow with a few colors on it, and heart-shaped tips on each end of the bow. The arrow is mostly white with a pink heart at the tip. The arch is also mostly white pink and brown. The string is completely white.


This bow shoots a heart arrow that has area damage. The arrow has instant bullet travel time and has a blast radius of hearts. In Sandbox mode, when a player targets another player, the chat mode would say "PLAYER1 LOVES PLAYER2". Despite this weapon being in the sniper category, it has no scope that allows it to fight in long range.

It uses the single-shot system so it has no reload animation. It is an input-only weapon, so it will only gives delays to other delay weapons.



  • Be stealthy with this weapon since it has area damage, which can reveal where you are.
  • Use this weapon from long ranges.
  • Be warned that it does NOT perform headshots.
  • Pick off weakened targets with this weapon due to its poor damage.


  • Watch where the arrows come from, as it gives the location of the user.
  • It doesn't pose much threat as it has low damage. But avoid its users if you are severely wounded and/or weakened armor.
  • Don't stop dodging, jumping and shooting its user at the same time.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.

Module damages

Since the Cupid's Bow is a sniper weapon, it uses primary modules, whether it is kinetic, magic, or energy, all of them increase the weapon's base damage the same way, except in Raids, where the modules needed depend on what module the enemies are weak to.

At level 65 and at its default grade, given that the Cupid's Bow has a base damage of 74 in the body, with sniper modules, this damage is increased, depending on the level of the modules. The following table shows the additional damage that the Cupid's Bow can do when a sniper module is equipped.

Level Total percentage increase Estimated body damage with module Estimated head damage with module
1 +2% 75 N/A
2 +3% 76 N/A
3 +4% 76 N/A
4 +6% 78 N/A
5 +8% 79 N/A
6 +12% 82 N/A
7 +16% 85 N/A
8 +20% 88 N/A
9 +25% 92 N/A
10 +30% 96 N/A

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Due to the area damage, and the lack of a scope, it works well for a close-medium range weapon. Pair it with a shotgun or any other Primary/Backup weapon.



  • Initial release date


  • The weapon was relocated to the Sniper category.


  • Players in a Sandbox match can utilize all Sandbox weapons for free, including this one.


  • The feature was reverted. Players must buy all the Sandbox weapons in order to use them in Sandbox.


  • This weapon is the only weapon in the Primary section that has the Melee interface.
    • However, the weapon is relocated to the Sniper section as of the 10.2.0 update.
  • Upon shooting a player with the Cupid's Bow, hearts will fly out of them.
  • The Cupid's Bow is one of the eight weapons available to use in Sandbox mode, the others being the Hockey Stick, the Snowball, the Mr. Deejay, Just A Hand, the Bouquet, the Balloon Cannon, and the Fireworks Launcher.
  • When you run out of ammo, an arrow is still loaded.
  • This, Professional Bow, Frozen Lich Bow and Bow of Spirits are the only bows to have area damage.
  • This weapon is actually mostly used only in Sandbox mode and not for combat.
  • It is one of two bows to belong to 'someone', the other being Shaman's Bow.
  • It is strange that this weapon doesn't have the Charm attribute,since this weapon is love themed,and the Cupid's Bow in Greek Mythology makes the target fall in love with the first organic life form they see.


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