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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is Pixel Gun 3D or Pixel Gun World content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D content. If you are looking for the same content in Pixel Gun World, see Customization (PGW).

Customization is when you edit the character through weapons, wear, gadgets and more. The customization menu is located in the Armory.

Available Customization

Weapons/Modules Customization

Weapon Slots.jpg
Module Slots.jpg

First of all, we have the weapon customization. There are six slots for weapons. The slots are:

Each one of those slots can have a maximum of 1 weapon stored inside of it and each weapon can have up to 3 modules. All weapons and modules have slot restrictions, such as Santa Sword (Melee) can not be placed in the primary slot and the Primary Kinetic Module cannot be placed in a melee weapon.

Wear Customization

Wear Slots.jpg

Second of all, we have the wear customization. There are six slots for wear. The slots are:

Wear modifies your appearance, and the main appearance modifiers are the skins because they are the core of wear. The armor usually covers up the body of the skin, and gives the player extra armor points, where life points do not decrease unless if armor points fully decrease. The rest are accessories which give minor buffs to a player. You have the option to hide your armor and accessories. Also, if you want the link to hats, masks, capes and boots, see Accessories.

Gadget Customization

Gadget Slots.jpg

Third of all, we have the gadget customization. There are two slots for gadgets. These slots are:

Gadgets are tools that help you during intense situations. 'Throwing' gadgets are projectile gadgets like grenades, 'Tools' gadgets are tools that could give other players disadvantages, gadgets that could heal you, give you a damage boost, a killing machine or other things.

Royale Customization

Royale Slots.jpg

Also, there is customization for Battle Royale items. There are four slots for these items. These slots are:

The gliders allow the player to fly slowly to land on the Battle Royale map and to play Glider Rush. Shovels and trails are currently just used to customize the appearance of the items of both categories. Transportation vehicles are the cars used in Battle Royale.

Pet Customization

Pet Slots.jpg

There is the pet customization. There are two slots, however, only one can be customized, which is the Pets slot. The Eggs slot cannot be customized, they are contents that give you pets, so that you can customize the pet equipment, if you have multiple pets.


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