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The Cyber Bees Swarm is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 17.5.0 update. It is a projectile used for targeting, attacking and swarming enemies


The swarm consists of three robotic bees. Each bee has a yellow and black body with white below its head. It has a pair of red eyes and two antennae on its head, with six legs and two pairs of wings on its middle body. It appears to be a regular bee.


This gadget is good for sudden attacks and escaping from close to medium-ranged enemies. The general performance of this weapon is much like Bee Swarm Spell. When used, the player will begin by summoning the bees and then letting them go towards the nearest enemy by following them continuously. The swarm will automatically explode after 29 seconds. Each of the cyber bees will do about 80 damage if the opponent has good armor, and around 120 damage with default/normal armor.



  • Engage in a close-quarter map, as enemies are unlikely to react in time to escape.
  • Instead of using the Cyber Bees to deal damage, users can alternatively use this for a one time high Rocket Jump.
  • The bees have a slow travel speed, so try to use them in close to medium-range.
  • It does have area damage, so using it against groups of enemies is recommended if possible.
  • Be careful while moving and shooting at the same time, because you can easily walk into the bees and kill yourself.
  • Use this in a map without many obstacles (typically long range maps), such as the Coliseum, to prevent enemies from hiding.(And so they don't explode when they contact a wall).
  • This performs very well in Duels due to the limited amount of enemies.
  • Spam it when you have the chance to use it, just be wary that you can't turn around while doing so


  • Use a pet or a gadget like the Turret to divert one of the bees.
  • Much like you would dodge the Clockwork Nutcracker, it is recommended to use a high mobility weapon (of at least 85) to outrun the bees, as they do have a timed explosion.
  • Do not attempt to target the bees as they don’t have any HP or hitbox.
  • Be in a narrow area so the bees will hit the walls and explode trying to navigate towards you.
  • Use the Reflector gadget to diminish the damage that you receive.
  • This weapon doesn't perform well at range, so be sure to engage the user from afar.
    • A Sniper weapon can easily defeat the user while they are summoning the bees.
  • If you see someone near you run by them as the bees will target the nearest player depending on how close they are.
  • It is recommended to run around tight corners, as the bees must slow down considerably or explode by wall contact to be able to target you.
  • Use the Sly Wolf's or Spirit Mask's shield to absorb the hit.
  • Equip a gadget that boosts your health like the Demon Stone to avoid directly dying.
  • Rocket Jump is highly advised for evading homing projectiles like these.
  • Use a healing weapon like the Heroic Epee to tank a bee so you can survive. As 3 bees will kill you but 2 will not
  • If possible, use any weapon that can disable his/her gadget, then quickly kill them before their gadget enables again


Stats Cooldown
Initial Tier 38 seconds
Tier 1 37 seconds
Tier 2 36 seconds
Tier 3 35 seconds
Tier 4 34 seconds
Tier 5 33 seconds
Tier 6 32 seconds
Tier 7 31 seconds
Tier 8 30 seconds
Tier 9 29 seconds
Tier 10 28 seconds
Tier 11 27 seconds
Final Tier 26 seconds

If the cyber bees are held out, they make a sort of triangle formation around the player‘s arms



  • Initial release.


  • Its duration info in the armory has been removed.


. Its cooldown has been nerfed.


  • This is one of the first (among all the Gadgets that were added in 17.5.0) gadgets which can be obtained only through the Clans System.
  • The legacy of the Nanobots Rifle, Smart Bullet Bazooka, Swarmer, Bee Swarm Spell, Judge, and Dual Cryo Pistols lives on with this gadget.
  • This is the second gadget to have the Homing Missile attribute, the first is the Clockwork Nutcracker.
  • This weapon is often used to annoy people in duels due to its Homing Missile attribute.
  • There was a strange bug when someone activates the bees they disappear after being released from the user.
  • There is a bug present when a user releases his/her Cyber Bees after using the Denied!, making the bees disappear.

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