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Edwards Hands-Scissors would be so jealous of these fantastic cyber-hands! If you need, these machine guns are convertable into mixers, axes and bottle openers.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Cyborg Hands is a Primary weapon added in the 14.0.0 update as part of the Sniper Tournament. It is part of the Sniper Event Set that includes: Cyborg Hands, Revolver Sniper Rifle, and Destruction System.


It is a pair of robotic arms that shoot red bullets. This weapon deals high damage especially at medium range, only taking around 7 shots to kill an enemy player. It has great mobility, matching the speed of the Elder Force Saber. It also has a fair ammo capacity and a decent fire rate.


They seem to be two cybernetic, portable turrets built into to the player's arms. They change into the player's arms whenever they wish to reload. They are grey with yellow and red details.


The player has a cybernetic blaster built into each arm. The player starts shooting from the right arm, then the left arm, then the process repeats. Moreover, this weapon possesses a scope, which allows it to engage in longer-range fighting. To add, it also has the ability to give the player invisibility after every time the player dies if you have the other weapons of the sniper set, the Destruction System and the Revolver Sniper Rifle.

When reloading, the cyborg hands condense into regular arms, then the player shakes their hands, faint sun-yellow rings encircle the player's hands then they open their hands again. This weapon has no delay mechanics.

This weapon shoots red laser bullets with no travel time. It has no special abilities, but doesn't really need them because of its very high firepower.



  • These weapons perform well in all ranges. With at least a level IV Kinetic Module, these weapons kill in 5 shots or less, though admittedly these weapons used to be even more overpowered.
  • Use the scope to aim better.
  • Aim for the head for maximum damage.
  • You can use this weapon in most ranges due to the low recoil this weapon has. Once skilled enough, you can use this weapon in long ranges without using the scope, since its crosshairs don't spread wide.
  • This weapon reloads very quickly. Don't be afraid to reload constantly.
  • The weapon has great mobility. It is all right that you don't mind holding the weapon while running.
  • Conserve ammo, as it has an average amount of it when used.


  • Dodge and move around the opponent to take the minimum amount of damage.
  • Any one-shot kill weapons like the Big Buddy will be proven victorious in exceptionally close range.
  • Attack the user from an extremely long range with a sniper possessing a 8 or 10-X scope such as the Anti-Champion Rifle, Wyvern, Harsh Punisher, or even the Cyborg Hands' own brother weapon, the Sniper Cyber Module. You will probably win but be extremely if the Cyborg Hands user spots you. These weapons still decimate in long range, but from ranges in which an 8 or 10-X scope is essential it may be disorienting for the user to engage comba in such far ranges. Still, however, continue to be sharp and alert as the user may choose to switch and fire a powerful sniper such as, again, the Anti-Champion Rifle, Wyvern, Harsh Punisher, or Sniper Cyber Module.
  • Ambush these players from behind to catch them off guard and give you a head-start in the battle.
  • Gadget choices: use a Stealth Bracelet to make it more difficult for them to aim but theCyborg
  • Disorient opponents with area-damage/burning weapons like the Adamant Bomber and Photon Shotgun.
  • Lure users into close-range combat if you have a powerful flamethrower like the Freon, Echo Scanner, Manual Inferno or Mordred.
  • Be wary when sniping, these are lethal in long range.
  • In short range, these have high mobility so try and shoot from afar, but read above point.


Information Image
  • Name: Code
  • Cost: 100 Gem.png
  • Grade: Epic
  • Released: 16.4.1
  • Name: Mutant
  • Cost: 100 Gem.png
  • Grade: Epic
  • Released: 16.4.1

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Bring a more powerful weapon along with this such as the Champion Solar Cannon or the Dimerian Divider to use in case the Cyborg Hands aren't enough to bring down a target.
  • The only other weapons you would need in a match are area damage weapons for annoying opponents or close-range and sniper weapons for extra-long ranges.This weapon has basically got everything else covered due to its versatility.



  • Initial release.


  • It was overbuffed.


  • It was nerfed (but the weapon is still decent).


  • Parts of the weapon take the look of the player's skin (top of the scope, back top corners, bottom arms.)
    • Ironically, the front arm skins on the player are reversed (left to right, right to left) when using this weapon, similar to the Shotgun Pistol.
    • The player's armor, if the sleeves are long enough, will also be "rolled back" to allow for these weapons to be used.
  • This is the only weapon (in the time of the 14.0.0 update) in the game to be able to be disguised as arms and has the aesthetics that this weapon has.
  • This weapon grants invisibility to players for a while if you also have the Destruction System and the Revolver Sniper Rifle.
  • Two more cyborg weapons (Sniper Cyber Module and Rocket Hands) were added to the 15.3.0 [update.
  • It is currently one of the most powerful primaries in the game, along with the Ultimatum, Royal Fighter and Advanced Scout Rifle as it takes 5-7 shots to kill and an even faster kill time with modules.

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