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The Debts Collector is a Primary weapon introduced in update 21.2.0.


The Debts Collector is a double barreled Primary shotgun Shotgun.png of the Mythical Grade introduced in the 21.2.0 update. It is capable of dealing large amounts of damage, and even more damage recently with the shotgun rework which it usually deals devastating amounts of damage, usually a 1-2 shot kill shotgun when you have good modules with low mobility and capacity. It has a very high fire rate and a quick reload to compensate for it's two ammo capacity.


It is a double-barreled break-action shotgun Shotgun.png with a wooden stock and a pump hold. Above the wooden stock, two large black barrels lay above with golden details engraved on it. Underneath the end of the barrels come with a golden club symbol suspended from the barrels similar the the Black Label.


When the fire button is pressed, the player pulls the trigger, the Debts Collector recoils back, emitting a shotgun shell and damaging anyone target within it's range. Due to it's impressive amount of initial damage and bleeding Bleeding.png per shot, it is capable of killing players with one to two bursts in close range combat. When all two shells are fired, the user reloads by opening up the Shotgun, and inserting two fresh shells as the old ones eject out. It's reload speed lasts for about a second.

This Weapon has Fixed Delay, meaning that this weapon has a short pullout animation everything it is pulled out, lasting for around half a second.



  • Use this in close ranges to deal maximum damage.
  • Aim for the head for extra points and more damage.
  • Try to keep it's ammo at it's full capacity by reloading whenever possible.
  • After hitting as shot with a Sniper such as the Morgana, quickly switch to this to finish him/her of.
  • Whenever low on health, hold a self-healing HealingArea.png weapon (Preferably a Melee like the Cthulhu Legacy or the Heroic Epee) to sustain full health and perform longer kill streaks.
  • Use a high mobility Melee such as the Ban Hammer to get close to your opponents before firing the Debts Collector.
  • Use the Turbo Charger module combination with this weapon because of its fast fire rate and extremely high damage.


  • Ambush users from behind with another powerful shotgun such as the Ultimatum.
  • Rocket Jump to get distance between users.
  • Pick off users from long range with a Sniper such as the Mr. Squido.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups



  • Initial Release.


  • It received a shotgun rework, which apparently buffed its damage.


  • Damage decreased by 23%
  • Ammo supply decreased from 8 to 4.


  • Its name is a reference to how the mafia enforces debts onto its victims.
  • This is the first double barreled shotgun Shotgun.png of the Mythical Rarity.
  • This is the third double barreled shotgun introduced to the game. The first being the Double-Barreled Shotgun, and the second being the Assault Shotgun. However this is the second double barreled shotgun that realistically has only 2 ammo, as the Assault shotgun has 10.
  • When this weapon got buffed in the 21.2.3 update, it was technically overpowered and used in some matches, making this weapon always guaranteed a 1 hit kill depending on their mods and wear, but however, as of the 21.4.2 update, it was Nerfed by 23% due to being it overpowered.
  • It was the first weapon a player started with in the Ghost Town Arms Race map.
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