The Demon Ghost is an enemy found in the 5th level of Block World in Campaign. It is a stronger version of the normal Ghosts, though it is weaker than the Blue Ghost boss.


This monster is a black, flying, jellyfish-like ghost, with tentacles and has a pair of glowing solid red eyes.


Much like the Ghost, it will hover over to you. It has trouble avoiding some obstacles on its way.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 9-10 Heart new 10 Heart new Very Fast
Medium 9-10 Heart new 14 Heart new Very Fast
Hard 9-10 Heart new 16 Heart new Very Fast


  • Try to keep your distance from these monsters, and snipe them with a long range weapon.
  • If they catch up on you, try to eliminate them with a strong shotgun or flamethrower.
    • You can also run around them in circles to minimize the chance of getting hit.


  • It is a reskin of the removed Blue Ghost.
  • This monster is the reference of the Ghast from the Nether in Minecraft.
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