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Destroyed Megalopolis is a Multiplayer Map added in the 10.3.0 update.


The map takes place on a destroyed street in the middle of a megalopolis, where vehicles are scattered on both sides of the map. Both sides have accessible buildings on the side of the street, which has been damaged. Large chasms and chunks can be seen in the middle of the map, and falling in will result in death. The middle also has a collapsed subway track, with a subway train hanging onto the edge. In the Sniper Tournament map, a staircase, extra windows, and some scaffolding with crates were added.


A good idea is to climb up on one of the buildings using Jetpack or Rocket Jump (PG3D). From there, there are some tactics to perform. The first is to use powerful Sniper like Digital Sunrise. You'll be on a high ground, so it means that you can see the whole map, and aiming at your opponents and killing them will be much easier than at the map surface. You can also be safer in some cases, but it's debatable, because some people will know that you're a serious opponent and you'll be in a danger. So, you need to do some breaks in sniping the enemies and carefully look at other buildings/ground to make you more defended from opponents' attacks. While taking these breaks, you can hide behind different objects that are located on buildings' roofs. If you spotted the enemy that aims at you too, do not let the panic to take over you. Try to hide behind some objects on the roof, and then carefully look from it. If the enemy doesn't see you, quickly aim at him/her and finish this problem, then go on different roof to not let the enemy a chance to remember where you were located and to quickly kill you. Now, back to previous situation. If the enemy spotted you, it depends on your and enemy's weapons, your HP/armor. For example, if you have good high-damaging like Thunderer, your HP and armor and full, it's recommended to fight with your opponent. If you have low HP/armor or/and your weapons are bad, it's recommended to let the enemy kill you. You'll refresh your health, then eliminate this enemy from the surface and climb up again. It's recommended to change the building. If the enemy spotted you from long range, it's recommended to use scope on guns to make aiming easier, if medium, it's not a problem to aim at your target. If the opponent killed you, remember where does he stand and quickly kill from after the respawning not depending on where are you located, then go on roofs again. Having a weapon like Third Eye or Overseer would give you a great benefit, because finding targets will be very easy and fast process. Second strategy of playing on this map is doing the Three Category Spam method, but it depends on your aiming even more than Sniping. If you have very good accuracy, you can go on buildings' roofs and it will result an easy win(don't forget to look around to find another cat spammers/snipers). If the way of playing above is too difficult for you, go on a surface. With not bad level of accuracy, it will be an easy win too. But if there's a good sniper on a roof, winning will be somewhat difficult. And the easiest strategy is to go on a surface and spam over powered weapon like Offensive Fireworks. You can move while doing it, and it will be even easier win. If there's someone performing this playing style too, try to not rely on one weapon and switch weapons according to situation, for example, use Morgana for medium to long ranges, its crosshair is quite big so it won't be hard to aim at him/her. Anyways, be aware of good category spammers, because they will probably not let you to get to first place. In this case, go another server or change the play style to Three Category Spam or Sniping if you're good at doing it.


  • This map includes trampolines, which allow the player to jump high.



  • Initial release.



  • The map was removed from Team Fight and Deathmatch because of it being "unpopular".


  • The map was brought back as part of the Sniper Event.





  • The map may have connection with the campaign's Megalopolis map.
  • In the apartment of the blue team's side, there is a bedroom with a wardrobe that has fallen, there are bloodstains on the carpet suggesting that someone was crushed by the fallen wardrobe before or during the events of the map.
  • There are posters in the map representing the 9-11 attack.
  • In the 11.1.0 update, it was removed from Flag Capture.
  • In the game files, this map is called "Colapsed City".
  • There was a glitch where a player could get inside a building that doesn't allow players to go inside.
  • It is possible that an earthquake destroyed the Megalopolis.
  • In the new Sniper Event in 14.0.0, this map was temporarily brought back into Pixel Gun 3D.
  • It was fully brought back as a map in Team Fight in the 15.5.0 update.
  • In the 10.3.0 update, this map was used as the background in the lobby.


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