The Digital Drawing Pad is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 18.0.0 update. You can get parts of it in the Game Developer Lottery.


It is a drawing pad that shoots drawn bullets. It has high damage, slow rate of fire, medium capacity, and low mobility.


It appears to be a drawing pad with a holder for a pen. The pad's frame is silver and features a cyan scope and a white button. The screen features a green background with a bullet that has its direction indicated on the screen as well. The pen, which has a green tip and a mostly white color, has a gray holder with a red button on that holder.


It fires a lime-colored bullet that explodes on contact with players or obstacles. It is usually a 1 shot headshot and a 2 shot body but if critical strike kicks in, it will kill the enemy in one shot no matter what. When reloading, the player uses the pen and presses the bottom-middle button as seen on the drawing pad. The screen turns red and the word "RELOAD" is seen on the pad with a loading animation.

This weapon gives delay to Output Delay weapons such as Exterminator and Reflector and also receives delay to weapons associated with Three Category Spam.



  • This gun has area damage, so you can aim at opponents' feet and inflict heavy damage.
  • Its conjunction of average fire rate, instant area damage, high capacity and ability to headshot is capable of scoring multiple kills.
  • Only reload when you make sure you are absolutely safe, as this gun has a slow reload speed and will leave you vulnerable.
  • Use it against groups of heavily-armored enemies due to its Area Damage attribute.
  • Upgrade this rifle when you reached to Level 65, as it will take a lot less Gem than upgrading one level at a time by using Coin.


  • When in a sniper battle, use any 1-shot sniper to quickly kill the opponent before you get killed as usually this weapon is a 2 shot.
  • Use the Jetpack, as you can be hard to hit if so.
  • Use a weapon similar to this one that has Area Damage can be equally effective.
  • This weapon seems to have a smaller hitbox than most snipers without the area damage. Use this to your advantage and jump or fly as much as possible.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Incorporate this gun in a 3 cat spam loadout (e.g. Exterminator, Necklace of the Ice King, and this sniper)
  • Equip a melee weapon with 85 mobility or higher as this weapon's mobility is quite low.



  • Initial release.


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