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The Disabler is a Tools gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It resembles a tiny blue pistol with orange to yellow shaded colors on the side and a yellow trigger. It has white details and a light blue iron sight on the top.

When used, a light blue spherical pulse will be emitted around the user, blocking any enemies' gadgets.


When the gadget is clicked, the player emits a blue ray disabling all nearby player's gadgets. It disables the targeted enemy's gadgets for 8-11 seconds, even if the targeted gadget(s) are in cooldown.

The light blue pulse emitted from an enemy.



  • Use this to counter any gadget.
  • Do not use this in single-player modes, since this gadget is ideal for multiplayer purposes, due to its properties.
  • It is more recommended to use the Cyber Phoenix since it can damage a opponent and having the gadget disabled, and can do it as much as it can until it gets killed.
  • This gadget disables all the gadgets of an enemy player for up to 11 seconds.
    • This makes it useful for shutting down enemy players that really far too much on their gadgets. Make sure to kill an enemy player after disabling their gadgets before they can use them again.
    • Because of its Area of Effect attribute, it can affect multiple enemies at once, so attempt to get up to several targets and disable their gadgets.
  • When in a Duel, this will be useful to counter powerful gadgets such as the Ninja Shurikens. Try running up to a player, then use the Disabler to knock out their gadgets, then attack.

An example of a gadget blocked by the Disabler.


  • Stay out of range of enemies who may have the Disabler on hand, to avoid having your gadgets rendered unusable.
  • Use the gadgets you have before he/she even activates it. If you are still using the gadget during said gadget's duration, then the Disabler will not work, since the Disabler disables enemies from toggling Gadgets, but not when they are under their respective gadget's influence.
  • Gadgets marked with a bright red "X" are disabled, and therefore cannot be used, so take notice of that.
  • Use a weapon such as the Vertical Grip Device to make a quick escape before you Gadgets are disabled.
  • Try to survive without your Gadgets for a while.
  • If you rely upon gadgets for fighting, try to run away into a safe place until the effect wears off.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 23 Seconds 8 Seconds
Tier 1 22 Seconds 8 Seconds
Tier 2 21 Seconds 9 Seconds
Tier 3 20 Seconds 9 Seconds
Tier 4 19 Seconds 10 Seconds
Tier 5 18 Seconds 10 Seconds
Tier 6 17 Seconds 10 Seconds
Tier 7 16 Seconds 11 Seconds
Tier 8 16 Seconds 11 Seconds



  • Initial release.


  • It is the only gadget that disables the targeted opponent's gadgets. It is also the only gadget categorized as a Gadget Blocker.
    • Even in many updates later, this could possibly remain as the only gadget that can block other players ability to use gadgets for a few seconds, until the introduction of Void Ray Rifle and Archangel.
  • Currently, this gadget is outperformed by many better weapons with the Gadget Blocker attribute. These weapons are more accessible, powerful, and effective compared to this gadget. For example, the Neutron Pulsator has the ability to attack a user, and at the same time block their gadgets. This can be combined with its unlimited range and longer usability. This is one of the main factors of the unpopularity of this gadget.
  • This gadget would be useless if you use it in Campaign, Arena, or Co-op Survival, as monsters do not use gadgets (currently).
  • It is the only gadget that looks like a weapon, or more specifically, a Backup weapon.
  • This, along with the Nuclear Grenade, are unlocked at level 27.
  • This gadget looks like the grocery bar code scanner in real life where you can find in supermarkets.
  • This is somewhat less effective than the Cyber Phoenix in some situations, since the pet disables gadgets whenever it attacks a player. However, this gadget requires a cooldown.

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